Killing the stupid stunt biker!

Shame on mindless and disproportionate police violence.

End can not be different from means. As per news, Delhi police shot dead a youth who among others was performing stunts on their motorbikes, in the middle of night. While such stunts on roads or otherwise are stupid attempts to show off but are per se not criminal. It violates Motor Vehicles Act and is an act which endangers life. Yet using firearm to stop such act in progress is disproportionate use of force by police.

The violence or use of force permitted by law, to police force, mandates that it shall be proportionate to the use of force by offender. Here fire arm was purportedly used to puncture the tire of motor bike. It appears that not only the misguided youth but the policeman as well were highly inspired by movies, may be of ‘Mission Impossible’ type. Puncturing a motorbike tyre with bullet? It is task challenging enough for a marks man or sniper with a rifle. The fact that a policeman was daring such marksmanship on road was an amazing act of desperation. It also shows complete lack of vision or creativity on the part of police.
Desire to dominate over others is the dark side of human nature but is the truth. When a person is clothed with an authority or a uniform, this dark side often becomes overwhelming. Disobedience to authority starts to look like a morbid sin which ought to be prevented at any cost. Thus the authority which is given to prevent evil becomes evil. It is a sad fact that human civilisation has a long list of such draconian authorities but few examples of self restrain.
I wonder if the police ever considered the options of water cannon, rubber bullets or blocking the road with its own vehicles, instead or shooting fire arm. Would Commissioner of Delhi Police have courage to walk to the bereaved family and apologise for excess? No question. Police is run by ruling party and therefore obeys only it. People can only take pleasure that unlike Mughal Police, this democratic police does not resorts to door to door looting or abduction. Small extortion on road from commercial vehicles and bikers, notwithstanding.
It is unfortunate that news paper report tried to present the version of police rather than an independent view. Stupidity on road should not be a reason to be shot by police nor can be the drunk driving or stunt driving. If some fools want to risk their life on stunt performance, give them a place to do it but please do not hasten the process by shooting them. If we start to kill people for their stupidity, it would be end of the world because every person does act stupidly, once in a while.
Delhi police perhaps has the best track record within the country about human rights but that is not good enough. It must have the sensitivity and compassion for common person and human life at standard incomparable anywhere in the world, not just India.
As regard the bereaved family, we apologise on behalf of all concerned that a youth lost his life not due to his own stupidity but the stupidity of another. We are sorry for your loss.

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