While I was dozing!

pink-wild-flowerYesterday was a busy day. In the afternoon I dozed off for an hour. It was business as usual thereafter. This morning I discovered that ‘sandeep bhalla’ has become a news item. Somebody from Jalandhar, who share my name had posted morphed photographs of Signora Presidentessa of ruling Congress Party of India, Sonia Gandhi onto Facebook. Morphing pictures is not always palatable. Though many morphed videos of Prime Minister and also Sonia Gandhi were in circulation and on Youtube, for many years, yet as a reflection of maturity, the Government took no action. It appears that now a case has been registered u/s. 66-A of IT Act against Sandeep Bhalla who is from Jalandhar, Punjab. (SBOJ)

For no reason Sandeep happens to be the most popular name in last few decades. It is believed that there was a Rishi Samdeepam. Sandeep seems to be it’s derivative.
Coming back to morphing, I wonder what the SBOJ did?

English: Sonia Gandhi, Indian politician, pres...

English: Sonia Gandhi, Indian politician, president of the Indian National Congress and the widow of former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Changing faces to look like cartoon or changing figures to make it look ridiculous are all part of free speech. Cartooning is a kind of satire. However morphing to make it sexually explicit or something condescending,  is not likely to fall in free speech. Section 66-A is a draconian law and every person on this planet is guilty of it; but it is bailable and compoundable.
If SBOJ did act with perversion, he would be well advised to seek forgiveness but if by morphing he was making a political speech or criticism of policies, he must protect his right of free speech.

By the way morphing school certificate as a college certificate is a different matter especially if person morphing it, is controlling the Government.(click here to read more about it.)

I have a curiosity. Who lodged the complaint to police? Was it Signora Sonia Gandhi herself? The legal question is: Can Police act on its own, without the complaint of victim?

We are getting used to live with questions without answers. This is Indian model of democracy without accountability.

All the best SBOJ.


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