ipcinterface: 156 Deluge restart failed: Couldn’t listen on any:/.config/deluge/ipc/deluge-gtk: Cannot acquire lock.

DelugeBitTorrent is the program of choice for transferring large files between computers, especially on slow connections. Transmission is the official client with Ubuntu but it has its limitations e.g. separate encryption setting for each file. Deluge is the next client of choice. However after I installed Deluge, it failed to restart after a crash shut down. Clicking on icon produced no response. Starting from terminal, it exited with following message:

ipcinterface:156 Deluge restart failed: Couldn’t listen on any: /home/…./.config/deluge/ipc/deluge-gtk: Cannot acquire lock.

Solution is simple

open the path .config/deluge/ipc/ and delete the file which exists with the extension ‘.lock’

Restart deluge. It should work.

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