Mama Nature: Can we request a recess?

rain-road-20120824-00100Mama nature, in her usual seasonal lactation in Monsoon, blessed us with plenty of rain last week. Official Monsoon has yet to arrive or has it already? Weather dept. was warning early date of monsoon this year but, in usual habit, no one trust them as they are more consistent in being far from accurate. Religious tourism went on as usual without any heed to warning. Local administration was also caught in surprise by the sudden ferocity of so-called pre-monsoon rain.
Creature of habit, as we are, we do not deviate easily. Now thousands stranded in upper echelons of hills in north are praying the divine while waiting and preferring to be rescued by humans. Many have lost lives and hopefully rescued by divine.
Weather department is keeping its fingers crossed. Unable to decide or to pronounce as to what happened. Was it monsoon or pre-monsoon? The predicted date of Monsoon was 18 i.e. yesterday but it went off uneventful. Mama nature is in the pause, we needed. The efficiency of sanitary departments and public works department, in many smaller cities has been exposed with urban flooding.
Monsoon always starts off in an extravagant show of shower. But will some one stand up and finally stick a label. Was is monsoon or pre-monsoon? If later, where is former?
Mama nature, in the meanwhile when you have rested, we shall expect more showers. Please do not pay attention to weather department. They have more political and bullish reasons to make announcements, as they do.
See you soon Mama.

P.S.: ‘Mama Nature’ is a label created by my friend Lewis and used with his implied permission. All his intellectual rights are acknowledged in this regard and are respectfully bowed.

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