Wandering thoughts!

Some day at 4.30 AM.
Thoughts wander over sublime ocean of silence beneath which are buried all the answers. Hovering but with inability to penetrate the silence. Such a conflict. Does this conflict produce the energy which sustain the existence or this conflict is the cause of misery produced by our stubbornness to cling to past. Stubbornness which forces us to read what is not written.Hear words which were not spoken. Turn us blind to written words. Turn us deaf to spoken words. See what is believed. Live what is believed. Above all be proud of this inscrutable living.
Mystery of existence, which even if seen, can not be brought to surface.
Such a conflict. Or is it another wandering of thought. Apparently it is. The question which has no concern with this body or its survival is only thought wandering for anchor. Any anchor.
Now second dog has barked and pushed away the first from its territory. Few birds chirped and flew away. Dawn is not far. Let me catch a nap to see if it is silent in there, now.


About Sandeep Bhalla

A lawyer, thinker, author, Linux/Ubuntu power user but often an economist or gardener or philosopher or cook or photographer depending upon the current thought and environment. View all posts by Sandeep Bhalla

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