Legal Joke: Conception and Delivery!

It was a long time ago, a friend narrated this joke to me by naming real characters i.e. the name of judge and the name of lawyer. The judge was humorous. Therefore it is possible that this may be real joke or real life PJ, but I am not sure. However the joke is hilarious.
Judgments of the court are pronounced in open court. Some time dictated in open court as well. Some time rather often, judges hear the arguments and reserve the judgment and ‘deliver’ the judgment on a later date.
In one case a Lady Lawyer argued the matter at length. The judge reserved the matter for judgment. After a fortnight when the case was not yet listed for pronouncement of judgment, the lady lawyer went to the court of the judge and ‘mentioned’ the matter. (As it is called. It means drawing attention of the judge.)
She said, ‘Your Lordship had reserved the judgment but has not delivered as yet.’
The Judge replied: ‘Madam, I have not yet conceived, how can I deliver?’
(Meaning he had yet to understand the matter or make up his mind)
Lady Lawyer: ‘I am sure, with all the effort Your Lordship is putting in, conception would not be a problem. I will keep in touch with the court master and shall be ready for any assistance as and when your lordship goes into labour.
(Means she shall be available to clarify any point if there is any problem during dictation of the order.)
‘That is very kind of you.’ Said the Judge.
The whole court in the meanwhile wanted to roll on the floor laughing but restrained themselves with grins and smiles.
What an intellectual maturity? How a dull and boring mentioning made hilarious by two intellectuals who rose above gender or usual dull conversation. Only people who can laugh at themselves, deserve to laugh. Rest suffers from despair, active or latent.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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