Brisk jogging with knee caps!

Long ago I was reading Vivekananda and came across his words ‘this world is a museum.’ Amused to read, I could chuckle. After a while I could not help laughing, realizing that I am also part of this museum with an inside view.
This morning a gentleman in his mid forties was walking ahead of us. He was wearing knee caps on both the knees.

Of course we could see this because he was in half pants. After about 20 minutes, he started to jog. Brisk jogging on hard brick pavement.
Startled, we begin to speculate if knee caps were new fashion accessory. Perhaps he was in no pain. Was he wearing knee caps for supporting the knee for jogging? Buy why jog at all? That too on hard surface.
The speculative thoughts were endless. We left it to the geniuses to work for themselves the reasons for such amazing act of bravery with fragile human body.

Please share your views.

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