Ecology: Role of (human) vermins!


understanding role of Human vermin:

Human vermin is a person who serves him/herself. Neither capable of honest relationship, not domestication nor capable of engaging in any trade consistently. They thrive upon other’s resources which they easily appropriate to themselves. This has nothing to do with inheritance, which gives a natural choice of living without work. Above all vermin think that they are smart. They are but street smart, like rats.


What is the role of mosquito in ecology? That was a question which cropped up in a recent conversation on discomforts he was facing. It was interesting to find the answer was that while the mosquito spread disease among humans, they are favorite snacks of other animals. Their eggs and larvae are feasted upon by fish who sometime swim upstream to catch the tasty larvae. Mosquito may also transfer or pollinate wild flowers.

Rats, Doves, Pigeons and squirrels

The curiosity took me to next level of inquiry. What do Rats, Doves, Pigeons and squirrels do in ecology, when these vermin  are not destroying fruits and flowers? The answer is that humans live an extravagant life and the vermin act as re-cyclists of left over foods which is often in large quantities. These fill a niche space in ecology. While rats  seem to be cause of spreading the diseases, but they clean up our mess and prevent too many as well.

Human Vermin

This takes me to most difficult question: What is the role of Human Vermin? But who are human vermin? These are creatures who are self-serving. They are seen only when they need something. They live among themselves but feed upon the resources of other humans. What is their role in human society?

They are easy target for any adventurous or stupid work. They easily serve as lab-rats of smart and manipulative humans. Some time they also like being in such positions but most often vermin do not realize at all. Above all they serve the purpose of cleaning up useless and leftovers which they relish as bounty. Often they accelerate the fall of decaying businesses and are help full in ensuring a ship to sink safely (for the owner). They often get themselves golden parachutes.
They also act as trainers to gullible and trusting people. Vermin exists in all professions as quacks or inefficient professionals who dupe public with promises they can not deliver. Some vermin later transform into predators like grifters while some become normal with taking up jobs.
The vermin serve a niche market and would continue to exist at all times.

Old age: Completion of cycle.

Vermin have the worst in old age. So long health supports, vermin keeps on by changing places but when health becomes frail, it is a very sad story. Selfishness throughout the life chops off all friends and relationships. Bitterness is the only taste remain known to vermin. He spends last days in life shunned by everyone. Not just abandoned or neglected but shunned as contagious disease. He dies wondering what was wrong with the world.

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3 thoughts on “Ecology: Role of (human) vermins!

  1. I was part of a huge throng being prodded along toward “the end” by nameless, faceless authorities who were apparently purging the earth with a holocaust. We were stacked like cord wood and moving e’er so slowly, but relentlessly, and almost without a word. I had some inkling of what was going on but knew that I was powerless to stop it. But, in another portion of the dream, I was in a different position on the pecking order and was some kind of official who was in charge of a conveyor belt which was pulling people and their possessions along toward a huge ship which would take them “there.” (“There” was clearly a “nameless dread” and had no word or words “wrapped around it.”) The people’s “stuff” was first on the conveyor belt and I noted how useless and meaningless it was but also noted how heart-rending it would be for those people to know they were being separated from these possessions. I was not comfortable knowing that I would be the one who made them aware of this loss and apparently of the “loss” of their very existence itself.
    Gawd, this is grim! And see, YOU created this dream of evil in my unconscious depths with your blog! No, Freud et al were not right on this occasion. I do not harbor monstrous fears, doubts, and insecurities in MY noble heart! You put them there!


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