OMG: Where is my God?

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The first question has to be Do I believe in God? And the next has to be Where is my God? I would be rather be diplomatic. I would not answer any, in intelligible terms. It really does not matter. Can an atheist be converted? Can an agnostic see God?

My answer is yes and no. To both questions. But it depends upon our understanding of this life. This existence.
How we expect the God to be? Like our Governments? Unresponsive burdened with bureaucracy? Or like us? Obsessed with what we want to do? Noble things? Aha! That was the riddle. No that is the riddle. God can not be different from our perception. If he does, we won’t accept him. Now he becomes subject to a popular perception or vote? But if he is the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God, why should he care for our vote. Vote could never brought out best in our politicians, so why would it bring out the best in God.
So what can we do? Keep searching? Why? So that we can have comfort (whatever that means) in this life or so that we may die with hope that we have continued existence beyond this life?
Why we need God? For alliance with superpower which our fellow beings do not have? Or to attain things we desired but we could not possess or achieve?
How can we see or meet the God when we are not sure why we want him in first place?
With all the poverty, illness and pain I wonder if it would be prudent for him to make appearance. If God does enter appearance, we would need far more security for him than the Presidents/Prime Ministers. And he would have to be more devious in his assurances to public than any politician. Obviously his failures are more and territory endless what to speak of expectations. Some expectations are hilarious. A drunkard wants 6 spare kidneys. A movie star wants a new young head every five years. A politician wants a clap which may brain wash the public about his/her last election speech. Priests want the God to sponsor his institution as official franchise even if on profit sharing basis. Only God may appear once.
All other creations of God, are under attack by us. Creatures have vanished. Rivers are sewers. Mountain peaks filled with undisposable garbage. I were to advice God I would tell him to stay away from such devastating creatures who can do such silly things to count numbers in their bank rolls.
In any case polymorphism can not be a big deal for somebody like God. Who knows if I am punching the God’s nose while punching the keys on Blackberry. And who knows that one of the pillows is not him. And who knows if I drank him from the bottle of water.
However, in view of these possibilities, I am convinced that God is there and is far more intelligent and patient than us. Accordingly we must keep our intelligence for ourselves and must not peek in his affairs.

© Sandeep Bhalla

31 thoughts on “OMG: Where is my God?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Philosophy is for troubled mind. He who has no questions, need no answers. Philosophy/Religion is the last luxury which should only be undertaken by those who can afford or desperate enough to lose all that they have. But this does not mean actual throwing away rather the realisation of intrinsic value of everything which is not on the basis of some chart supplied by someone.


  2. You introduce reality here and I agree—we must maintain focus of “the wheel of life” on physical world though “philosophy” or “mindfulness” can give this world meaning. Though I am naturally given to “testing the presuppositions of extreme logic”, somehow the goods intervened and game me the wherewithal and interest in paying attention to…as I like to say…”chopping wood, carrying water.” The esoterica suffices to make me feel “really good about myself” but there are things more important than that narcissistic self indulgence.


  3. Sandeep, I agree that “people are their thought” but only in a sense. I too would prefer the “hell of consciousness” rather than have the bliss of what I would call “true belief.” But I subscribe to a bit of foolishness that there is a beyond that encompasses us all, a Beyond even, and Rumi had it in mind when he said, “Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” And, btw, I feel connected to you…and Victoria…and to my wife and friends and others…”in that field” currently. For, “winds of thought blow magniloquent meanings betwixt me and thee.”


    • I agree. The living is not the philosophy nor vice versa. Philosophy is testing the prepositions on extreme logic. Living is to keep the wheel of life on the track of physical needs and not to ascribe to any flight plan of philosophy. The fact that when a philosophy does not tell what to to do, something we are not used to, since childhood, it becomes unpalatable or crudely speaking negative. However to keep in mind the outrages experienced by life is not negative rather is experience like staying away from fire. That was the sum up of dead lock.


  4. Friends, though stunningly intelligent and handsome as the devil, I am technologically challenged. I just now discovered this full thread. Sorry for disrupting with the “squabbling” tease. I hope that this thread continues. I feel the core issue is “objectivity” and I just don’t feel it is possible to acquire it on any of these questions. But, posing the questions and “cussing and discussing” them…having the important.


  5. Let me recapitulate, Victoriaji, You had no reasons for disagreement yet the only thing you question is that I have no Locus standi. You would accept authority of Einstein on Humanity even though he was not known for socializing or even meeting people. Any way that is your choice.
    First about feeling the pain.
    Suffering the pain and feeling the pain are two different things. It is not necessary that person who suffers may feel as well and the person who feel must first suffer himself.
    Forgiveness: I am writing about it and soon we will lock horns on that as well. I hope and invite you.
    Now you initially agreed that you agree with contents but later you mixed it up with an opinion that some people ‘sense presence’. And when I asked that I was not ‘intuitive’ but only trying to be ‘logical’ you told me my mind was deceiving. Now tell me where is deception?


    • Sandeepji, I find myself reacting to your postings for a specific reason, and I will explain. With all due respect, there’s a reoccurring theme in your blog—addressing the negative aspects of humankind.

      You tend to address the symptoms, but rarely the actual causes. Speaking of Einstein, he stated that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Addressing the symptoms seems to be what most people do. You see it on websites and blogs; in music, poetry, and books; in court systems, medicine, philosophy and religion, etc. We are just spinning our wheels so long as we continue on this habitual path.

      We exacerbate the condition by drawing attention to the worst in humans, which in turns causes us to remain weary and leery of our fellow sojourners. If you can ever find an hour to spare, I recommend watching “The Neuroscience of Emotions”. It’s featured in the menu of my blog (Featured Videos) The question and answer section is also very enlightening. It explains the urgency of why we need to radically change how we see our fellow humans.


      • If there can not be a flight plan for living, there can be a flight plan for seeing people. The term person or people is a misnomer for they are their thought.
        I would prefer to remain in hell of conscious rather than in bliss of belief/ignorance.


      • You are wrong it takes nothingness. You may call it death wish but it is not the same. When we fix an object we develop means but when we are fixed on means, object is what is not MAYA. A topic not yet covered.


      • The belief in nothingness, seeking attainment, and the assumption that one has attained this state is dopaminergic. One gets rewarded by assuming they do not experience the environment itself, but an illusion of it. It’s a form of denial, a coping mechanism, and this denial keeps many from acknowledging that we are human. Everything becomes an illusion, including being organic human beings.


    • Well, one of these days Claire and I are going to make it to India and we will sure track you down. And I will come with a pope hat by that time. I’ve already tried to price one on the internet.


  6. Hey, you guys! Stop your squabbling! View the world like I do and you willl find eternal bliss. (PS My wife told me yesterday that this vein of humor…which I trot out on her apparently too often…gets really annoying!)


      • Rofl! That was funny. Btw, I would like to find me a pope hat to wear occasionally with my friends. If I ever find one…and can afford it…I’ll send you a picture.


      • No question of sarcasm at all. I was wondering if you had read my whole article. Iwas also wondering if I had said about ‘sensed presence’ or anything estoric. Therefore I left that curt message from mobile. But please tell me, when and how God travelled into ‘intution’ from pure logic. Where I committed that blunder.


      • Being convinced of something based on conjecture, doesn’t make it so. The brain is an expert at fooling us, even when we think we are being logical.

        Yes, I read your whole article, and there were parts I found insightful, as I mentioned. Your curt remark appeared to be a trigger of some sort.

        It says a lot about how you view your own species when you say things like this:

        “I were to advise God I would tell him to stay away from such devastating creatures who can do such silly things to count numbers in their bank rolls.”

        From someone who’s experienced betrayal and theft, most likely beyond your imagination, I still do not see humans as devastating creatures. I see them as human. If god does exist, I would think it would want you to forgive the wrongs you’ve experienced in your life by “devastating creatures” who did such “silly things” to you.

        And if this god exists, it understands its creation is fully intertwined with the environment, which greatly impacts gene expression, brain development, hormones, neurotransmitters, and ultimately behavior, which is why, as you say, it is patient.


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