Obstacles in learning.


The learning curve is a misnomer.

There is no such thing as learning curve. The distance between a learner and learned or unskilled and skilled is of one step. Unless that final step is leaped, all are vegetables not ready to be served. Either we know how to do it or don’t. There is no psychological counsel’s assurance ‘you are doing great’. It is not an evolution which will take place slowly. It is a revolution which acts in leaps and bounds. Learning may be in parts but is not in tiny bits.
But those who repeat the same stupid pattern of learning will remain in loop of learning. Like meditators sitting on the banks of every dirty river in India. They are from all over world, seeking peace. Expecting that fruit of peace will drop before them like an apple fell before Newton. Since they already know ‘how’ it will happen they have to wait. Forever.
The biggest hurdle in learning is what we already know. Language is inadequate. Observation is the best way of learning. But we are unable to learn because we are occupied with prior knowledge. Unless we scrap everything we know, we can not learn. Belief is similar prior knowledge. In other words prior knowledge is a belief which is not based on experience but handed down to us or picked up by us for want of something.
It does not matter if the subject is spirituality or gardening or photography. The biggest hurdle is what we know and our clinging to that which we had preserved in our mind as truth. All that is required is a plunge without any planning or expectation. That is all. A plunge into the river of experiencing after removing all the layers of prior knowledge/belief.
Being a learner is the most excusable liberty available. I hate to take responsibility of failure and the pain of being meticulous.
I take out a camera and shoot. If picture is poor, it is not my fault. I am a learner. It could be bad camera or something. But not me.
I read a book but I do not understand anything but it is not my fault. I am a learner. Book should have written better.
There appears to be many hurdles.
Presently I will leave the global conspiracy against me, out of it and that part we will debate in International Court of Justice as soon as the elders accept the fact that juveniles formed this court for right reason.
But I take no responsibility of my inadequacy in learning. I am learning some day I will become learned.

© Sandeep Bhalla


4 thoughts on “Obstacles in learning.

  1. This post is based on my own stupidness in ‘learning’ photography. But it can be applied on all spheres of life. So long we learn we reach nowhere. The moment we say I will do it, it changes everything.
    BTW if we read diaries of many scientists, we can see that they did not reach to their discoveries in steps but in sporadic manner.
    Thanks for your encouraging comment.


  2. I really liked this though it is scary to think that there are premises about my way of looking at the world which I am not willing to acknowledge. And I agree whole heartedly; and perhaps this concern is even the primary focus of my blogging….overall. But, in my personal life I have found this passion… this intense focus on something so elusive…must be handled carefully as it often appears to be a need to find one’s origin, one “source”. And, therefore, it can be an effort to be “god” and to “play god”. And it is…and I think it was Roland Barthes that said this…”to be in love with the object which recedes from the knowledge of it.” This is a stunningly powerful thought you have shared and reflects that marvelous legal mind you are blessed with. I’m going to mull this over for sometime and perhaps we will “cuss and discuss” this for quite a while. Thanks so much.


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