Going out of mind!

Men at Work


Yes 5727 judgements is the number that have been handed over to me to read. It means at least 17000 pages. Do not worry as it is a selection read and I am a ferocious reader. All I have to do is to find out the relevant ones. Later on I will incorporate the notes to revise one of my books. The publishers want it to be done asap. In fact unless a work is done asap, it is only started but never finished.
In these harsh times, that have fallen upon me, my refuge is my bed which is my real workstation like Churchill. I have one in office too.
The task of blogging shall have to take a back seat rather I am putting it out of mind. I may post or reply to comment but there shall be time lag. Do not break your lap top or head in despair.
Meanwhile I suggest that those interested in science read ‘Tao of physics’ and for religion read ‘Brief History of time’ by Steven Hawkins. To understand reality read ‘theory of relativity’ propounded by Albert Einstein.
For science fiction read any private science journal. For fiction read political speeches. And those interested in knowing the bright future may get in touch with Bill Gates or his company and their statements. Those in emergency can call 911 in USA and 100 in India. As for other countries ask Google Uncle. Please don’t bother. As regard who have an itch for debate they can contact their local MP/Senator/Congressmen. The debate can continue forever with guaranteed no result.
Not to mention the salvation has to wait as Pope is not in office, but nearby psychiatrist/counsellor can perform the same job at a lessor commitment from us.

Until I am back again.

© Sandeep Bhalla

8 thoughts on “Going out of mind!

  1. Fantastic read thoroughly loved your battery of words, oh wow. U shud be a columnist asap ….. :)))))))))))))))))) still laughn, 911 in America haaaaaaaaaa.


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