My all time favourite songs from around the world!

Like many things sometime I forget to listen to songs for months and forget what to listen. The star rating etc. does not get embedded in the songs. Something need be done about that.
Yet it appears to me that I should share a few songs. Not due to the lyrics. The criterion is that in these songs the artists was melted into his/her voice completely and there was no discernible difference in the art and the artist and only a voice existed. This is a moment of unification of what we label as ‘body and soul’:

My most favourite song is of Righteous Brothers titled “Unchained Melody“. Many singers have sung it there after and Gareth Gates version also topped the chart but I like the original. Fortunately the sound track of seems to be the original/real track but there are many versions. Listening to the voice of merging into infinity called ‘Om’ in Hindu philosophy is an experience billions try but do not care to see in reflection of mirror like this:

Next is “Love changes everything” by Nana Mouskouri. Again this link is not the best version but we have to live with it:

The next is “Falling into you” a song by Celine Dion. She is the only female singer I have heard after Pakistani singer Reshma, who can sing at such high node. However She is better than Reshma in two ways, she can maintain the node for longer time and she has sung more songs on this node than Reshma.

Phil Collin is the master of pain. His blues come straight from heart. After every divorce he melted his pain into a song. Out of two songs “Can’t Stop Loving you” and “Take a look at me now” I have chosen later:

I also loved country music which is very near to Indian Playback music. I like a song by Don Williams called “Crying in Rain” among others which I do not recall:

Next would be Bryan Adams with his “Everything I do I do it for you” and “Please forgive me”. Here are both:

To choose one song out of so many from Elton now “Sir Elton John” is nearly impossible. There has to be two. First “sacrifice” and other “English Rose”:

Laura Branigan was also a great singer and two of her songs deserve to be mentioned i.e. “Self Control” and “Gloria” The energy in the singing literally shakes a person. Watching her it appears that she is a person from Punjab, our chakra of energy.

And the fast track of a young George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” another topper of charts, in its time:

Noticed the beauty of saxaphone. Notice how many songs have saxaphone here. Many instruments like saxaphone can not be played wthout passion. A former president of USA can tell you what that means. At times you can not play it at all.

No reason to forget Whitney Houston. But I can not remember the song now.

There are also few small time wonders who looked promising in a few songs but they were lost in their own success:

Enrique Iglesias in ‘Somebody’s Me’ promised good music. The spanish version was like sound of water flowing in an energetic river but I could not find that song. Hence here is the English version.

Leona Lewis looked promising in “Happy” and “Bleeding love”:

Touch me by Smantha fox, Whenever where ever by Shakira, and another song  by Kylie Minogue were also promising but there are many such singers. Kylie sung a beautiful song in English in a Hindi Movie recently but could not elevate herself with the music.
There are numerous Hindi and Punjabi Songs, Urdu Gazals and many more, which I would like to add but that will be a mammoth task.

The above are some names I could recall at present. But it will keep rolling.
Presently I wish to listen to some good music in a language I do not understand. Music has its own language. I have received few Samba Music CD and shall share as and when I am through with it.
My idea of listening is listening as an action not an activity. I do not go around with two buds in ears, but there are no absolute exception or principle. Feel free to share some  music which may have flown without effort. These songs happend, not created with efforts or planning.
As regard songs/lyrics impregnated with deep meaning, unfortunately Lyrics of most of the songs in English are like repeating a tagline. I will try to remember any such song in English but presently no memory cell is supporting, While numerous come to my mind in Urdu and Hindi. Again not in Punjabi, a language of people who believe in action.

7 thoughts on “My all time favourite songs from around the world!

    • I would say let us take failure and success in our stide. I will tell you about a successful actor. Highest paid in India. His name is Rajnikanth. He would walk on road in regional dress with stubble and bald head (no wig) and hs fans would be running on road. Money is just a possession. Person remains the same. Problem arises when a person with success demands that his human problems should end due to success. Which does not and can not happen.


  1. This is a fun thread. I’ve enjoyed your selection. Music is the universal language of love (and sorrow). Unchained Melody is one of my all time favorites. I still get goosebumps when I listen to it.

    You mentioned Witney Houston, but said you couldn’t remember the song. One of my favorites by her is “The Greatest Love of All”

    I especially love these lyrics:

    “I believe the children are our future,
    teach them well and let them lead the way

    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier,

    Let the children’s laughter
    remind us how we used to be.”

    I don’t agree with this line “I never needed anyone to fulfill my needs”

    Maybe that’s why she turned to drugs instead of friends and loved ones who could remind her of all the beauty she possesed inside. She is missed.


    • Perhaps I could not put it clearly. Thses songs were not selected for lyrics but for the singing in which singer ceased to exist and only a voice remained. And When I say these songs I mean original sound tracks. These are replicas like graves in Taj Mahal.
      Thanks for that song. I will listen to it. As regards drugs problem, out programming is to survive failures, we are unable to survive success. Success isolates and too much success kills, as you pointed out above. Thanks for your kind help.


      • Yes, you did put it clearly and I understand what you mean by the singer(s) ceasing to exist. The musician(s) and lyrics become one with the music. I love music with harmony. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always defaulted to harmony when singing along with a song. It just felt natural. Here’s one of my favorites:


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