A question for billionares who sign a pledge to let go their riches!

Premji first Rich Indian to sign a pledge to let go his riches!

It is an enormous gesture on the part of Premji even if we do not understand true nature of his pledge. The meaning of philanthropy is as varied as the meaning of barbarian, Premji is the third richest Indian as his wealth is estimated to be about Rs 870,000,000,000. or about USD 15 Billion. There are about 105 individuals who have pledged to let go their cumulative wealth of about 500 billion USD. More details can be seen at “givingpledge dot org.” Problem in India and elsewhere is implementation of charity.

Abandoned children of God

I have not bothered to read the terms because there is a question? There are billions of poor and homeless people in the world. Why not adopt a village or two and change their life. Do it during your life time. Please tell us that your wealth was not the result of accident called ‘luck’. Please show us your great entrepreneurial skill in helping them. After we all have to let go this body with great mind too. Give some time to these abandoned children of God, as they are treated. They may be the God in disguise to test your sincerity.

Ticket to heaven

Or will you create some trust to perpetuate your name forever, while dying with the satisfaction that if there is heaven, you would be admitted? Perpetuation of a name which is just like a label stuck on a packet in grocery store.
Do you sleep any better or with less fear, after this pledge? Or did you always had thick skin and had no problem of sleep?
I know some of the things that Bill Gates had been doing. His idea about inventing a new Toilet is brilliant. But researches take time.
Why not build self sustainable villages for poor so that they may not have to migrate to cities to serve us as Domestic help, while living in shanties suffering cold, heat and rain.
BTW it is not an original idea. It is in the air for a long time and many people have shown that it can be done. Anna Hajare did it with meagre resources why not you? If all of you did not know the name of that village, it is ‘Ralegaon Siddhi’. We can search the internet for ‘self sustainable village‘ and find numerous such efforts. If you are part of such effort than please make it as visible as you are. A charity without transparency is an electric lamp without electricity.

Can we have some answers or this pledge is the last and final grift?

We are waiting! Like we always do, since the beginning!

Please share your views.

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