The Civilized and The Barbarian.

Humanity,  referring to entire human race on this planet, at all times used the terms like civilized and barbarians. Who are they? Are these real labels or imaginary. Two nights ago, during a discussion, I had quipped ‘we are all barbarians.’ Ever since a thought was lingering in my mind, if I was right?
But it is always easy to start from the other end. Who is civilized?

Colonial Masters called this part of world India and people Indians because they thought we were savages. Because any person not speaking English or not wearing western attire was considered uncivilized. There were many more things to be done to become civilized but we can leave that for the sake of brevity. The point has been made that the English language as applied, often considered, other cultures as barbarians. In fact in Greek ‘barbaros’ meant strange or foreign. But that is not what I meant when I used the term, as I explained it then and as I am doing now by recording my version of truth.

We love ourselves. We are the slave to our lifestyle  (a euphemism for habits) but we frown on others’ habits. We will look at other person and use many different logic to prove that something is wrong with other person or if he/she has similar habits, we shall hail him/her. Comparison and critical analysis can prove anything, as wrong. Logic is more or less, a prostitute. We also prefer ourselves over others and dominate all the people around us. Relationships fail due to conflict of domination but we logically assign different reason.
A friend told me about the above post on Relationship, that it was very difficult to understand. I would answer now. Please hire a videographer and ask him/her to record three day’s routine. Watch the video. We are either dominating others or being dominated by others.
We refuse to say simple ‘No’ and make excuses. Why? Because we feel dominated and do not want to displease the dominator. The structure of society is based on domination. When poor and illiterate people will be used as fuel to energize the society, this structure is unavoidable.
Slavery may be abolished but what are choices given to poor? Migration to nearby city to serve as domestic help? We are building driverless cars while millions are unemployed but we can not permit them to enter the paradise. We mark lines on paper calling them nations and kill each other every day and yet strive for immortality. That is not only barbarous but also stupid. We are unable to solve our problems by communication and yet we call ourselves superior over animals.

We do not know the meaning of “thou shall love thou neighbour.”
We are barbarians. Welcome to our hell.

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