Network Marketing grift scheme


The above picture is about a crowd waiting outside a gathering place for participation in a meeting relating to network marketing. All these people are young and energetic. Due to their chattering the air was filled with din. All these people would be asked to purchase a small kit or something and would be told to involve more networkers who will sell the products and they will earn without doing anything. Now that is the key: `without doing anything`. Nobody can grift a person who does not expect something for nothing.

Even though they are poor, yet the greed of earning for nothing will make them little more poor.
By the way law is a mute spectator for so long there remains a remote possibility that one of them can actually make it even if only theoretically.
One thing is interesting. How we make presumptions favourable to us even if it opposed to our daily experience. Now cooking needs learning. Every day tasks needs learning. How come earning money would be easy? If we do not throw our money just on somebody’s asking, how can we expect that we can talk somebody to buy something he doesn’t need?
Yet this grift operation goes on. Educated and gainfully employed persons have fallen pry to this grift called Network Marketing.
May humans save us from humans.

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