To set right, what once went wrong in the past!

Setting the wrong as right:

Apart from the fact that often wrong and right are not black and white but two of the several shades of gray; what is done is done. It can not be undone. After a period of time, it does not even matter if it was right or wrong. The fact is: past is dead and therefore it must also be buried or cremated. The concept that if we had acted differently, things would have been different, is a gross misunderstanding of the life. No wrong can be set right. Attempts to set wrong into right create ripple effects which makes things more difficult. Acceptance of past is the only possible avenue. The more we delve into the past to set it right, more we miss the present.

Living without yesterday.

After all who are we? We are not past. Look in the mirror. Are we that past? we do not even resemble the way we were born or grew-up. So we are not yesterday or any day of the past. But we are also not our future because it has not arrived as yet. Fact is we only dream about future which keeps on changing. So we are not future. We are present. Today. Debating over past or so-called wrongs done to us or by us are all irrelevant because that was not us.
Past wrongs never made good future. After all the wars that took place earlier and all the wars that are taking place right now, are only to set right, the wrong done in the past? If wars in the past could not set right their past, how can wars of today can set right the past. Let’s accept the past. Let’s try to co-exist. Is that so difficult?
Let’s live today. Now and here. We shall do everything that is required by today but neither by the past nor by the future. But only today. Let us live without yesterday.

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