Living in butter chicken capital aka New Delhi!

It is springs time in New Delhi. Flowers are everywhere. Bloom is overwhelming. Night is pleasantly cool. Morning sun is also pleasing. No sign of winter except when chilly winds blow but that too is limited to few occasions in the day.

Springs 2013 in NewDelhi

Springs 2013 in New Delhi

Prison of lifestyle:

New Delhi is not just political capital of India, it is ‘Butter Chicken‘ Capital of the world. The outbreak of swine flu at many places in India, does not matter.  Butter Chicken is the most popular non vegetarian delicacy which is full of fat. As a vegetarian I may like to call Delhi as ‘Chole Bhature‘ capital but that is not possible because there is no possibility of addiction to ‘Chole Bhature’ even if that is the most popular vegetarian dish or lunch in New Delhi. Butter Chicken is generally the dinner delicacy. And it now appears to be addictive.

Yesterday was Sunday and we had ‘Chole Bhature’ for lunch. Home cooked ‘Chole Bhature’ are also quite a heavy meal even if less crazy than its commercial counterpart. Breakfast was also heavy with southern Vada/Upma with sambar. Though we had normal dinner, this morning I decided on a very light breakfast of black coffee with few cookies apart from some fruit. That is the after effect of three heavy meals.

Now back to the chicken. People love butter chicken. I do not know why? I am a vegetarian. ‘No egg’ type vegetarian. I presume that Butter Chicken must be wonderful in taste. But I can see that it is certainly very fatty. If we reach to Delhi from eastern India by road we can notice that people are fatter every hundred miles. When we reach Delhi we find the maximum number of pot-bellied persons. In fact some look like big apple which has grown legs and hands. I always wonder how these people with such a big bodies manage their daily life. Many such people are active with walking etc. and can be seen in the gardens in the morning but with no change in their physique for years together. So how am I concerned with all these?
Yesterday while social chatting, a name and illness of young friend came up. His identity is irrelevant but his life style is not. Presently he is unwell. We shall call him Mr.X.
Mr. X is about 27 years of age. The only exercise he practice is walking inside the room to go to bathroom or to ride his car. He hates to walk. He hates vegetables or fruits. He dislikes pulses. Presently he is not over weight but does have a small belly. Now Mr. X love Butter Chicken and Chole Bhature. He also loves the Pizza. He has a sweet tooth. He takes 3 spoons of sugar in his cup of tea.
Mr. X has the problem of blood pressure. His legs go numb. Sometimes feet and legs swell as well. Sometime he has severe backache. After a few days rest and medication, he recovers and again falls ill. He is unable to understand why God does not help him? Can someone find out his problem?

Springs 2013

Research suggests that a dietary ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids of around 1:1 is ideal, most people following a typical Western diet have an intake ratio of closer to 15:1! This highly skewed ratio comes both as a result of the under-consumption of omega-3s (found in certain nuts, seeds, greens) and the over-consumption of omega-6s (found in poultry, eggs, wheat, and many vegetable oils). (Source:

According to Ayurveda, each normal diet must consist of all 6 elements of taste i.e. sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. Balancing these elements is the real medicine in Ayurveda. BTW Ayurveda literally means life-knowledge. Eating a few selected dishes everyday puts body in dark sliding tunnel towards pain and misery. I would suggest that if some one loves butter chicken so much than he may explore it with vegetables and other things as well. What is the point of having no physical movement at all. Why there are legs and arms? But who has time to waste on this mortal body? What a waste? Of what?

VeryVery fat lady.

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2 thoughts on “Living in butter chicken capital aka New Delhi!

  1. Actually there are very few vegetarians around me. Only half a vegetarian, since he loves eggs. But my point is about junk food. The way Butter Chicken is cooked is very unhealthy due to excess fat. The European or American method is to cook it in its own fat but here extra fat is added. With sedentary life style, food becomes poison. BTW the vegetarian counter-part i.e. ‘Chole Bhature’ is also unhealthy for the same reason.


  2. I am fascinated with your culture. I have met another Indian on the blog-o-sphere and she too shares about her day to day life. I find it fascinating. And vegetarianism is a touchy subject for me as I just have a real problem with killing animals or disrespecting any part of God’s beautiful earth. But I was born and raised a carnivore and I’ve not found the grace yet to give it up.

    I live near the headquarters of Don Tyson Enterprises, Tyson being the world’s largest poultry producer. I frequently find myself driving behind huge trucks of chickens stuffed in little cages en route to their “killing fields.” I see the miserable life they have lived in their factory environment, imagine the horror they would feel if they knew what their “caged” predicament meant, and ask myself how I could ever go to Kentucky Fried Chicken again.


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