About yesterday!

A day in my life.

In retrospect yesterday appears to be an eventful day. Full of happenings, which will have long term impact. However while living yesterday it felt so uneventful. That is what we also call boring. But that is just a label.
For many days I was trying to cook a low fat recipe of Mushrooms. I skipped morning walk. Finished my morning chores and finally cooked Mushrooms. It turned out well and I left it to be sent to me with my tiffin for lunch. Alas when I opened my lunch, I found that most of the gravy, I was so preciously cooking, had been spilled. So the perfection has to wait. The recipe has to wait for another time when it shall be tried.
First message of the day was good. It was about some work which is in progress.
The first phone call was promising. So I will not have to sue an unscrupulous trader for not honouring his warranty over broken down exerciser. There is nothing worse for a lawyer than to conduct a case without fee. In all personal cases, there is no fee.
The Ubuntu crashed right when I started my bridge game while sipping my evening tea, little after the usual cup of black coffee. This crash turned out to be a blogging opportunity with post about ‘White Screen of Death’. It also quickened the decision to choose an installation OS for laptop. Before that a few communications by courier outlined my itinerary for next week, removing ambiguities.

Starting Knoppix on laptop made me realise that it was also built on LXDE. If it could have so many graphical gimmicks, why not tweak Lbuntu? I left office after leaving a command on desktop which will install ‘compiz’. A program which generate graphical effects in xwindow.

Dinner was on expected lines. No surprising or pleasant dish was waiting. Before sleep, received an amusing reply from a gentleman in Arkansas, who presumed that we do not know English and this blog would be in some local language which he would not be able to understand! Vivid imagination?

Slept comfortably and woke up with this thought, which I have carefully punched on mobile. So much to do. And so much done. Now in retrospect it looks eventful. Why it did not appear so, yesterday? Perhaps me being part of yesterday inhibited my focus. Would I have better focus today? Tomorrow? Or any day? Who knows? Let’s see.

P.S.: After posting above text I went for my morning walk, when I recalled what was missing. I was supposed to proof read a manuscript but I forgot. As I did for many times before. The tongue licks the broken tooth, again and again. This was the missing event which made everything uneventful. How deceptive are the ways of mind.

2 thoughts on “About yesterday!

  1. Oh, you misunderstood the “gentleman from Arkansas”! I know that Indians are very well educated and multi-linqual. I just assumed, though, that your blog would be in your native language.

    But, your intimation is on target. We do tend to assume too much and too quickly and tend to be smug and arrogant.


    • Sir, pl.forgive me point was not about you or about Indians but the point was how we trust our presumptions. It happens all the time. I have noted here many times in different ways. We choose to ignore plain facts or interpret facts through our memories or ideas and end up at wrong places. But your this comment again has a presumption. Many belogger who write exclusively in Hindi or other regional language (more than 30 in total out of which 16 are recognized) also have good knowledge of English but they have an attachment or vanity not to write in English. It is similar to regional vanity. Some people will not speak any language other than the language of the region of their birth. Being a former colony of Britain English is still the official language and is practically acceptable everywhere. Now the other presumption is that educated means knowledge of English. I would say educated means ability to think logically or rationally. Any way thanks for your input. It gave me some more food to thought.


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