Republic Day 2013 in India

Republic day is celebrated in India on 26 January every year as on this day in 1950, the Constitution of India was finally adopted by the Constituent Assembly (a euphemism for first Parliament) and the adopted Constitution became Supreme Law of the Country.
I asked a law student but she did not know clearly, the origin of Republic Day, hence the above introduction.

Republic day parade

The parade on such occasion is a medieval legacy to show strength. But in a vast country where every State has its own language and culture, it is an opportunity for young children to glance and know about cultures of various States.

Humorous rumour

In today’s parade there were many groups of dancers, from many States who performed their enchanting dances.
The rumour has it that at the end of parade the Prime Minister called the Minister for Culture and asked him, as to how many days each dancer perform each year. Minister checked up with groups and informed that formal performances are for about 30 days and practice sessions last about 100 days.
Prime Minister than asked “Has any body danced to the tunes for nine years non stop 24x7x365?”
The Minister was surprised at question and almost immediately answered; “No Sir, none of the Dancers. But I know who did.” Prime Minister said; “Mille grazie, Non importa. We all know that it will continue for another year.” The Minister bowed and said “Arrivederci, Sir.” And left.
PM turned to greet another guest and said “Ciao“.

A presto. (Good bye)

© Sandeep Bhalla

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