Evolution: Did Darwin apply wrong label?

Charles Darwin, photographed by Julia Margaret...

Charles Darwin, photographed by Julia Margaret Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charles Robert Darwin is to Natural Science what Isaac Newton is to Physics and Einstein to Relativity. According to Darwin all species relate back to common ancestor. The same species become different due to the compulsions created by nature. He called this process ‘Evolution by natural selection.’ He compared this process to selective breeding. The only difference being the absence of human interference and presence of challenges posed by nature which compelled the species to change, to adapt to the challenges. So far it seems logical. The problem arises when Darwin calls this process of adaptation as evolution. The term ‘evolution’ is capable of two or may be three different meanings.

Meaning of Evolution

All languages on earth are divided in two parts. One is the labels. Second is time of action i.e. past, present or future. This is true of all languages. Now the labels are given to everything from people to actions to places, objects or creatures. Evolution is an action and its antonyms are revolution and devolution. Revolution refers to fast paced change. Devolution means change which decreases the quality. Now the Evolution being the opposite, it is presumed to have opposite quality of both which would mean slow-paced change for better. But did evolution really happen in this manner?

Selective betterment or evolution?

There is a vast amount of archaeological evidence in terms of fossils, which are relied to show that changes have happened to species over a period of time. As regards humans, the reliance is on the size of skull etc., to show that their brain was not as developed as today. Let us leave that for a moment and go back to other species. We know that a large number of species can be trained but have any of these species developed any kind of self-consciousness like humans? Except those born or raised in captivity, no animal born in wild would be readily domesticated.
The point is that if the evolution is change for betterment or improvement why it is not reflected on other species? Why no other species except human could develop better brains? Why there is not a single bird with more conscious brain?
The truth is that Evolution merely means adaptation or improvisation of traits for survival. Animals are becoming extinct. Human species who outlived them, may have become more crooked or manipulative but that does not make them any better.
It appears that evolution refers to two different things. Darwin meant slow or gradual changes in species which had nothing to do with betterment or improvement, which are subjective or relative expressions.
It also a matter of record that there is a large amount of data/evidence which does not support Darwin’s theory but the same has been ignored. There are numerous books and web pages covering that aspect.


Darwin’s theory had no room for genetics as it was not yet discovered in his time. Inheritance of genetics traits by offspring, initially supported the Evolution theory but recent discovery by Human Gnome project has added further problems for these Neo-Darwinians and they have added that genetic drift is also an equally important factor in determining the future of any species.
It appears that Darwin’s theory seems to be applicable in respect of micro organism but is not an all-purpose theory.
While Einstein’s relativity  fails at quantum level, Darwin’s evolution fails at Macro level


Humans are the weakest of all animals. Their capacity to travel is also limited by foot. But with cunning and manipulative technology, they have conquered the Earth and rendered a vast number of species extinct. As stated above and earlier, humans are not evolving into any thing better rather they are devolving. Life span may be increasing but quality of life is not improving and the Art of living is completely lost. If humans are able to genetically enhance themselves, it would prove to be final death knell in the coffin of theory of Evolution which implies progress or betterment at slow pace of time by natural selection.

© Sandeep Bhalla

2 thoughts on “Evolution: Did Darwin apply wrong label?

  1. Thanks for input. But I am not on theory of origin. My concern is living. My question is that if human during one life time mentally devolve themselves, by wearing out the mind, how is it possible that we may be evolving before or after the present stagnation?


  2. good one, truly accept to the fact of genetics. Thumbs up!!! Since you were referring to evolution all the time, just try reading the some pseudo science concepts where we are experimental creatures from other planets (just like the Prometheus movie) and also God was an astronaut (according to Eric Von Daniken). Let me know if you like them.


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