Blogging: Writing in a lousy week! What and how to write?


According to the standards believed to be in vogue, this was a lousy fortnight. Nothing in particular, but nothing actually happened. We live with hopes and habits of results. There was no result in this fortnight. The weather was struck in limbo. As if the winter got struck in a gridlock. The snowfall in Kashmir seems to have gone in vain. We could feel winter without shivering. May be rain will smooth things up for winter. And finally it rained yesterday, to calm the things down. Numerous queries no final picture. Continuance, postponement and adjournments. The truth is: What is wrong with that? No result is better than a challenging result. But mind loves results. Living can wait. Result, we want, yesterday.


After 7 more drafts in the kitty, just one could make it to the grand finale of meeting the readers. There are many (or perhaps most of) blogging tips I could never follow; i.e. to complete a post in one go. That is impossible. Thoughts are not delivered in Pizza Boxes, completely dressed. Writing a blog post in one go is like taking a bath with one motion of hand. Or may be as one blogger proudly declared that he is defecating in public. It appears that it depends upon the reason for blogging. So why blog?
A short story will not be out-of-place.

Two scientists, both in their sixties were strolling in a garden. One of them, who looked more old, said to the other: ‘I think I should start writing a diary’. ‘Why?’ Asked the other one. The first one answered ‘I am getting no younger and if there is a God, whom I may meet after death, I should have my version of truth.’

My version of truth.

The best thing about human mind is its ability to remember and to forget. Any thing out of use for long period of time is gone. One stimulus by fresh event and suddenly all start to come back, may be slowly. The grift operation of vodafone, is bringing back memories of many similar grifts. My idea of blogging is not to spit venom of vengeance but to share my everyday experience. In a way to contribute something back after I take so much by using the information on the net. Especially the help in technical matters. To successfully use linux over several machines, is a contribution of all those helpful people who shared their experiences.
My blogging is a tribute to that community which is blind and oblivious of identities but share the information, views, solutions and tweaks without anything in return. Whether this virtual reality would ever be a reality where people would share their possessions? I would like to hope but would not expect.
Any way, back to blogging. It is painful to see that a wonderful forum of sharing is turned into a platform to spit venom. A criticism without any suggestion or direction for change is vengeance at its lowest and violence at its mildest.
Reading blogging tips, it appears that the techniques centre around as to how to get more hits. Success in numbers is always an accident. For great many people the accident with success happened many centuries after their death. So let us not be distracted by such irrelevant fact. What is relevant is whether we have any meaningful view or information or perspective to share?
If not, it is pure waste of bandwidth and squatting in kilo bytes.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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