My solution to IPCError in Ubuntuone cloud sync

IPC Error in Ubuntu one

IPC Error Message in substance means inability to contact IPC Server. In actual practice it can be anything which includes inability to find sync data for some reason.
One hard disk broke down. Well almost. It was an old disk and was often suspected to be slow hence I had backed up entire home folder to a different drive about a week back. This old disk had Linux Mint installed on it. On new disk I had Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04 installed with the same /home partition (old backed up from broken drive to new drive). Now as usual we installed cinnamon and removed Unity. Thereafter when I tried to sync with Ubuntu Cloud, it would start but crash with smallest possible message:


Now searching the net offered many solutions. Two prominent solutions are posted as Bug#982754 and Bug#993074. We some what merged part of both the solutions and solved the problem with following steps:
1. Open synaptic and choose Ubuntu One Client for complete removal. Apply. After done close synaptic.
2. Open nautilus as admin (press alt+2 and type “gksudo nautilus” without quotes). Delete following folders:
Now shutdown the computer and restart.
3. Find and run Ubuntu One. This will re-install Ubuntu One.
Hopefully this should work as it worked for us. But remember the real cause here was a week old Ubuntu Syncdaemon data.

10 thoughts on “My solution to IPCError in Ubuntuone cloud sync

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  2. Thanks, it worked for me. I was afraid it could be a Kubuntu specific problem.
    By the way, you don’t need to run nautilus or dolphin or whatsoever as admin in order to delete those folders. Or am I missing something ?


      • You’re right too, I wasn’nt thinking of that. By the way, your solution solved part of the problem only, now it seems to have trouble with SSH connexion. Ubuntu One seems great but it seems to always have some nasty bugs. Two years ago I also stopped using it because of another bug.
        I definitely should try Dropbox or another solution.


      • Actually Ubuntu One is presently active on only one computer as Ubuntu does not work without Unity rather with other Environment. Nor U1 works with Linux Mint. (See here) So have switched to dropbox as well.


    • Though it had worked but many other problems arose from using the copied home. File permissions got mixed up. Removing Unity added to problems. Today I have installed Mint 13 Maya. Clean install except some config files. Let us see if Ubuntu One works on it!


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