I miss the surveillance! Please tap my phone again?

Little BugFew months ago I was approached by relatives of a person arrested and lodged in Jail with request to represent him. There were severe, albeit contradictory allegations that he had active links with terrorists. His arrest and other events are a different story which is documented elsewhere. Here I share my experience of benefits from phone tapping.
The moment I had a few telephonic calls with these relatives, whose phone were under surveillance (a euphemism for tapping), my phone was also tapped. A few hours later my associate’s phone were also tapped.

How we discovered the tapping?

Actually it took about three days to conclusively establish that our phones were tapped. The person who unwittingly revealed this was Asstt. Commissioner of Police (ACP). Actually I planted a false fact in a conversation with my colleague. Now only me knew the fact and the person on other end of phone knew what I told him. But when I met the ACP, he turned out to be a God-fearing person. He was shivering with anguish while refuting the allegation. Thus he confirmed that he heard or had information about our private telephonic conversation.

Information derived from different sources is processed by brain and final reaction is made on commutative information. It is very difficult not to react to a person, merely to protect the secret of wire-tapping especially when that person is not being tapped as an accused or potential accused but only to obstruct defence.

Benefits of wire-tapping of mobile phone

There is no doubt that wire-tapping of mobile phone is an invasion of privacy and gross violation of due process clause but the fact of the matter is that it exists and despite tall claims of Governments and directions of courts, it is rampantly misused. Hypocrisy of Government Agencies is apparent. Actually, if we some how remove this method, the Intelligence Agencies would be left with little or no intelligence input. Tapping or tracking of phones is an action which is resorted by Police/intelligence on mere surmise that it may yield result. It is unfortunate that such thing exist but it does. All in the name of National Interest.

It is more unfortunate that what were the tactics of Gora Sahib (White Englishmen) ruling India before Independence, are the tactics of ruling elite Kala Sahib (Native black people) as well. Gandhi must be turning in his grave (samadhi) with anguish. But all will be buried under flowers on his 143rd birthday for the Gandhian principles of civil rights were buried along with the remains of Gandhi. Flower bouquet is the only tribute that is offered to him now.

However there are many brighter sides of phone tapping. For about a month my phone was under surveillance and every person who called me or whom I called was also under phone surveillance albeit for shorter period. The benefits:

  1. At every isolated place we wer graced with company of a police patrol car.
  2. In congested area, we were graced by visit of official in plainclothes but with official shoes and black goggles, on a scooter.
  3. No call dropping.
  4. No engaged or congested phone line anywhere!
  5. All spam SMS were blocked
  6. No tele-marketing call.

Last two were my favourite. On some days my fingers ache due to influx of spam sms or emails. I wish that I knew some way to continue with last two features. I really miss the surveillance! Would you please tap my phone again? Please read and delete all the SPAM SMS. Please act in National Interest.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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