10 Top tips to remain happy ever after!

An unhappy or depressed feeling.

So we are not feeling happy today. Sorry I got it wrong. We are unhappy today, Oh it is worse we are depressed over this pathetic life, selfish & thankless people, cruel boss, nagging or ignorant spouse or what not. We have ample to choose from the menu to be unhappy on any single day. If we want to get any better let us understand the world around us.

Recognize 10 Truths of life:

  1. Every human on this planet and elsewhere is like us. The only difference is our/his experiences and its interpretation.
  2. We can not control the future. It is evolving in its own mysterious ways.
  3. Humans are inherently selfish. In fact this selfishness is built-in to save us from destroying ourselves and to take good care of ourselves like animals. But we have a problem of greed. We want to accumulate anything or everything for some future use.
  4. We are like apes i.e. monkey. We must visit Zoo once in a while to observe monkeys. Like them we can not resist to copy others. In fact this behaviour is an industry called Fashion. We wear things, eat and drink things that hurt, just because it is in fashion.
  5. Most of our actions are out of habits and habits alone but unnecessary hence we have too many unnecessary results which were not anticipated.
  6. Everything in this Universe is changing every moment including us, our every molecule or cell. For no reason whatsoever, we do not like changes and are unhappy with it.
  7. Need for relationships is based on our bodily needs, its fragility, its inadequacy. Yet we like to term the relationships on some higher temporal or spiritual purpose.
  8. Our belief that we can communicate with each other on the basis of language. The communication is always incomplete.
  9. Our body is fragile and it needs very good care. More care than the animals. Any lack  of care or neglect results in illness.
  10. We shall most certainly die one day without knowing in advance when. It can be any day. Even today.

To begin with, we can now start to get depressed with above 10 reasons. These are more depressing than whatever was the reason that made us to reach this page. How one can be happy?
Truth is there is no such thing as happiness. Only thing that exist is unhappiness or absence of it. When we are nor “Unhappy” we do not remember ourselves. Try to remember to read this page, when feeling happy. It won’t happen. Our understanding of happiness is a nostalgia which was a sensation, while it lasted. As said in Hindi/Sanskrit, Anand is not Anandam. The letter is perpetual or everlasting.

Top 10  tips to remain happy ever after!

  1. No person likes criticism even if it is for education. Never try to educate anybody unless a person literally begs us to be educated.
  2. Take good care of fragile body. In ailment and sickness, many comforting myths about relationships are broken.
  3. We are responsible for ourselves, our possessions, shelter and problems. May be also of few other people but that is because we want those people to be around. Accept this fact and do not expect others to share this responsibility. If they share, appreciate it and do not try to improve others efforts.
  4. Strangers always look and behave better because we behave better to strangers. Stay focussed and do not jump to have expectations.
  5. We are perfect but people around us are imperfect. Do not try to improve others. They must be left alone.
  6. Regular exercise of body and mind is important. Enjoy the loss of self in such activities.
  7. People do not act rationally they simply find most suitable reason for their action. Look at the actions and decide ‘alone without argument’ if it time to face the truth.
  8. Sweet flattering talks are not rare but visits by such people is rare i.e. when they need us. Be careful and do not act on future promises.
  9. There are 6 billion people on this planet. We are among privileged few million with internet access. We have more time to think and analyse but thinking only brings pain. Remember what Einstein said “I did not study science to learn that God plays dice.” Therefore ‘Why me’ is a wrong question. If there are doubts, study quantum physics. It deals with random selection. But the truth is for every given kind of problem, there are millions facing same problem. We are never alone.
  10. Forget everything at night and make new beginning in the morning; beginning of living not achieving, everyday. Live as it comes. Uncertainty and ambiguity is a fact of life. Enjoy everything we have, postpone thinking about what we lost or what we do not have.

Sounds difficult? Try as much as we can. Let’s make a beginning, today, now, right now.

Post Script:
Regular exercise keeps depression away. Read the following:

Vigorous exercise has already been shown to alleviate symptoms of depression, but the effect of less strenuous activities was unclear.A study in the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity showed walking had a “large effect” on depression.One in 10 people may have depression at some point in their lives.The condition can be treated with drugs, but exercise is commonly prescribed by doctors for mild symptoms.Researchers at the University of Stirling scoured academic studies to find data on one of the mildest forms of exercise – walking.They found eight studies, on a total of 341 patients, which fitted the bill. (Source: via <a href=”http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-17701485&#8243; rel=”nofollow”>BBC News – Walking could be a useful tool in treating depression</a>.)

© Sandeep Bhalla

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