Independence Day 2012, Celebrated in India, Seen in Bharat; Talked about: Nowhere.

Another day wasted.

Rhetoric and Kites soared high but subsided at the end of day. Speeches delivered more promises made without any remorse or apology for past unfulfilled promises. The protector stood within the protection of Glass while the protectees are to face wind, rain, inflation and capitalism on their own. Who is protecting whom? The pretence goes on. This is:

Independence Day 2012, Celebrated in India, Seen in Bharat; Talked about: Nowhere.

Occasions are made for a purpose. To make a day meaningful, not just eventful. But another opportunity is lost. For people of India and Bharat it is another holiday to immerse them away from problems. People of India now hardly bother to watch futile speeches on television, for they know the annual ritual means nothing beyond weightless words.
Bharat has another reason. If their is electricity, it is fun to watch something live. Further, when there is neither adequate food nor water nor electricity, patently false promises are something we want to believe. Like tooth fairy. Now that very little is to be lost, dreams can have no limitations. Once rhetoric is over it is time to get back to daily business. No one debates dreams. It comes in handy to relieve pain, when other hopes have failed.

Distinction between India and Bharat

India was name given by Englishmen who came to this continent in 1599. Since people here would eat with hands, wear loose clothing (instead of multi layer suit in scorching summer heat (of 97f or 46c) they called us Indians which meant savages, when majority were vegetarians. Anyway it remained struck, we have accepted it and dictionaries had to change and they did.
Here India means the urban population which lives in relative comfort. Bharat is one of several traditional names for this continent. Now it is some time referred to those faceless, illiterate poor people living in villages and remote places who form the majority, numbering in about a billion but voiceless and exploited.
Earlier there was excitement and sense of belonging on Independence Day. Emergency/Martial Law by Indira Gandhi and successive failures of subsequent Governments to perform, had disillusioned India several decades back.
National Flag is hardly seen anywhere on private property any more. I am a witness that it was not so, earlier. Not on Independence Day. But that was more than a decade ago, or perhaps more.
Bharat has also followed the path. With scams in such numbers, that they do not understand in their wildest imagination, leaders not stopping by even in elections, election becoming a manipulation of caste and clan; Election Commission dozing, this is just a celebration of politicians, made by politicians and perhaps for politicians only. It is their talk, their show. We listen and get over with it. Talks take place about events that take place not about shattered dreams. No one likes to scrape up those pains buried in dead hopes of better future.
How many, out of these poor billion, can afford to buy a flag? Finance Minister is busy. We have to work it out ourselves.

© Sandeep Bhalla

2 thoughts on “Independence Day 2012, Celebrated in India, Seen in Bharat; Talked about: Nowhere.

  1. This divide between the rich and the poor is really very depressing. Despite many ” garibi hatao” and ” mera bharat mahan” like campaigns the difference between rich and poor hits one very glaringly.


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