How old is too old for new car.

A new car dealer sold a 7 month old vehicle to an unwary customer who did not take any care to look at the manufacturing date on the invoice. as it turned out the vehicle was 7 months old. In India there is almost no guide lines on the line of FTC in USA, either for sale of new vehicle or for sale of old vehicle. Now the question which begs the answer is:

How old is too old for a new vehicle/automobile?

I am looking for that answer. While their are expiry date for orally consumable products, there is no law or tradition for prescription of expiry date for vehicles, even-though the automobiles also have a rather short life. A new vehicle purchased today loses its 25% of price in six months. Can it be possible for manufacturer to sell a seven month vehicle as new?

The question is begging for an answer but so far there is none. Please share if you have the answer.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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