A visit to FIITJEE and Review.

Conundrum of FIITJEE coaching culture:

( by Sandeep Bhalla )

What is FIITJEE and what it does:

FIITJEE is a preparatory coaching institute. It has an excellent marketing model to sell its products even if its integrity in making the claims, it makes, is doubtful. FIIT-JEE is a commercial, private, limited liability company. It provides science and maths coaching to students from class 6th onwards to class 12th. It claims that it prepares children in class 6 to 8 for science and maths so that they may prepare for National Talent Hunt or Science Olympiad etc. As regards class 9 to 12, they are to be prepared for entrance examination for prestigious IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and JEE (Joint Engineering Entrance Examination) Govt. subsidized Engg. College. Those who want to pursue Medicine are switched to Biology after class 10. Though it claims that it’s study is integrated with CBSE i.e. normal school study, its effect is yet to be seen and felt.

Admission to FIITJEE:

Admission is said to be on the basis of an entrance test called FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam. It consists of three papers i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Maths with 70 numbers for each paper. In reality the candidates who have scored just 80 numbers out of 210 also get admission. Therefore this test is more in the nature of screening test to filter out candidate who know nothing about any subject. Candidate scoring 50% or more numbers get some discount in fee which is called as scholarship.

Effect of FIITJEE:

The children enrolled, attend classes on Fridays through Sunday, in a crash course manner during summer vacations from May to July besides weekends. Yes on Saturday and Sunday. These children get no holiday at all. Result is that of all the students, especially the young ones (below 13 years) about 25% are pot-bellied. Out of these 10% are apparently overweight. Since students have to take separate coaching for their school problems, they hardly have any time for themselves. What about human rights of these young children? Childhood which is supposed to be fun, is made a military drill without holidays. The parents are subjecting their children to this cruelty for they want their child to fulfill the ambition, they could not achieve themselves.

First appearance/impression of FIITJEE:

Their reception at Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi was more like an auction room with staff yelling at each other from a distance for communication. Receptionists rather Interaction Staff was replying every question loudly. No pretense of being discrete or polite. It looked more like a reception of stock broking firm. Even when no customer was at the reception for query, the din did not die down as their were passing by children to yell at or to talk among themselves loudly except when it was a private joke.

Financial aspects of FIITJEE:

The fee charged by FIITJEE starts at Rs. 25000/- for class 6th. Class 7 and 8 are integrated hence consolidated fee of Rs. 70000/-. Class 9 & 10 are integrated with fee of Rs. 140000/-. Class 11 & 12 have fee of Rs. 150000/- for each year. Above is only an approximation. There may be variation. I do not claim accuracy. But all payments are payable by post dated cheques in advance. This means once you are in, you have to pay. Of course one can sue them for deficiency in service and avoid payment but would minor child be competent witness? They have 60 institutions all over India. They have about six batches for each class. Each batch has 180 students. For easy calculation we take average fee at 60,000/- per student and calculate the revenue: (My ten digit calculator failed): branches*batches*students*classes*60000   = 60*6*180*7*60000 = Rs. 27,216,000,000/- per year.

Is it possible? Is something wrong here?

27.2 billion Indian Rupees. (1 USD = 66 INR)

Facilities/Amenities offered by FIITJEE:

While faculties/teachers in normal schools are of average if not below that caliber. Their syllabus, to say the least, is monotonous being prescribed by extraneous considerations of preferring certain authors/publishers. Private coaching institutes are doing their bit but at a very heavy price. The worst is the health of children.  FIITJEE claims to be preparing the children for such competitions which air at searching talent. In other words FIITJEE’s claim if believed means they are capable of creating talent. However except for few posters of successful candidates nothing is visible.

They promise air-conditioned class rooms but half the students have to attend classes in non-air-conditioned rooms, hired in nearby public school, in scorching summer heat of over 45 degrees Celsius.

The books, they offer are the encyclopedia of objective type questions. Few books have the short description of some scientific principles. One book contains the question papers of past many years as used in Entrance Examinations. These books are good for refresher courses and not to learn something from scratch. Teachers are knowledgeable. They know everything, except how to slow down or to create interest of the pupil in the subject. But when the curriculum is based on a refresher like course, the students who do not know at all are just spectators. They claim that they shuffle batches to optimize the learning experience but that would be a true paradox.

Scholarships in FIITJEE:

The most hilarious aspect is the scholarships the FIITJEE is offering. Any student who has attained 100% marks is taught free. But why a student who can solve whole question paper himself, would come to FIITJEE? A student who scored less than 95% of marks in school exams is not entitled to any concession. Nope. Nothing.

Results of FIITJEE:

As per the claim of FIITJEE, about 2400 of its students were successful in the last IIT-JEE exam. Which means that out of 60*180*7=75,600 students toiling from class 6th through 12th without any Sunday rest, only 2400 or less than 3% were successful. But even that is also not sure. Were these 2400 students were from scholarships i.e. those who were otherwise getting more than 95% marks in maths and science? I do not have that answer. Ask FIITJEE. But if I were you, I would not trust the answer to be truthful. No billionaire will tell how he sells their product. When the truth is not revealable it is called business secret.

Advice to Parents:

Please pause and think:
What is life? It is to be discovered by living. By interacting. Not by making it a chase or race. Of course money is important but how much? Money can be made in every profession.

IIT-JEE is all right but there are other ways. Those who can afford to pay to FIIT-JEE Rs. five lacs (hundred thousand) in seven years should think if it would be better to send the child to a paid private college which charges about similar admission fee. Some new private Engineering College charge nothing as well.

If you think your child is brilliant, be sure you are not comparing him/her to yourself. Every child is smarter than the parents. For these competitive exams what is required is talent. There is a difference between intelligence and talent. All entrance exams are memory testing exams. Unless a person can think and solve mathematical and scientific problems in abstract i.e. hypothetically on his own, he can not claim to have a talent in science or maths. Please make sure that you are not driven by ambition but because your child has keen interest in the subjects like maths and science. Please read my similar posts, links are given below. Be assured that FIITJEE is only capable of changing a very small percentage of chances of success. Nothing more. It may help a child only by a shoulder edge. It can not make him, what he is not. Do not waste your precious resources on dream merchants.

BTW u/s 420 of Penal Code, inducement to part with money with promise to deliver something amounts to fraud when the intention of promisor is not to fulfill the promise. Here the promise is made not in words but by indirect and oblique reference to so-called success stories without disclosing the other credentials of successful students. Would it not amount to fraud?

On 27 August 2012 I posted following question on FIITJEE’s Founder Chairman & Chief Mentor D.K. Goyal’s blog:

As per your claims 2400 students from FIITJEE were successful. Were these 2400 students were from scholarships i.e. those who were otherwise getting more than 95% marks in maths and science? can you please provide an answer.

Answer is awaited.

Added on Nov. 12, 2012

No answer from fiitjee as yet. It appears that the proposition of free scholarship for sponsoring the potentially successful candidates, gives result. Otherwise FIITJEE is just a dream merchant selling dreams but no actual result. It appears the whole exercise is a grifter’s attempt to generate false confidence in the institution and to make people to buy it.

Added on April 20, 2014:

No answer from FIITJEE as yet. The dream merchants are doing brisk business as before.

Added on May  17, 2014:

No answer from FIITJEE as yet. The dream merchants continue in business.

Added on February 9, 2015:

Still no reply. Dream merchants do not answer critics.

Added on November 21, 2015:

No reply from FITJEE. Obviously they have no reply.

Added on December 1, 2016:

Yet, no reply or clarification from this dream merchant.

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83 thoughts on “A visit to FIITJEE and Review.

  1. I think you have got your math wrong with your calculation of 3%. 2400 is in 1 year.

    Your denominator can not be all students in 7 years (Grade 6 to 12) or 75,600. It can be just (60*180), or 10800. This is 22% success rate.

    Now 2400 competing successfully in 1 year may be questioned for veracity but it is difficult to take you seriously as well.


  2. You know what…….@ mr bhalla…….for the views………I would also like to comment…….two children from my colony LEFT science after joining fiitjee…….and after reading your blog………it’s really an eye opener…….


  3. I want to share my Problem.I got 75% scholarship in ftre. But there was no difference between the actual fee plan and the deducted one. Then I joined FIITJEE .Teachers are worst here. A FIITJEE agent brainwashed me that they will be clearing all my basic concepts and there will be no hurry in completing the syllabus. But just that opposite happened. There were no doubt clearing sessions . They finish one chapter in 2-3 days including CCP and giving other questions of jee advance level. I had joined in droppers batch and was very excited about it. Teachers are too rude and scolded me for not knowing basic concepts and asking easy questions. I had never in my life had opted for private tutors. I was never in favor of them even during my exam. It’s been very less day since have joined here . I want to back out from it. But knowing that there will be no refund I am in confusion . Please tell me some other way to get my money back .


  4. Why not regular school plus 2 faculties comment on this topic? Only one person has commented. He recommends NCERT books to study. Parents these days are confused right from prenursery school admissions. Which board to choose!!!!!!? Some foreign boards are here in our education market. The affiliated schools say Indian education system is old fashioned!!!!! After studying in this England customised education, God should help students!!!!! How they cope in an Indian university? Human Resource Ministry should come out with guidelines for schools, parents and students. Education is every child’s right. Education is for every child of this country. Education does not come from Dream Merchant. Education comes from Teachers, Parents and Mentors. Its so awful that teachers, schools and parents are unable to guide students. And Dream Merchants successfully sell DreamzUnlimited.


  5. I was also a boy with dreams who wanted to join an integrated course offered by FIITJEE. After attending the scholarship test I did get a decent scholarship and after that my parents were enrolling me into Maharishi International Residential School. During the process I had a sudden change of heart. I slowed down and thought about this. I was thinking whether I could handle all the pressure here. The people in the desk office have somehow partly brainwashed my parents brains saying that this was a one time chance. I was in a dilemma. My parents were convinced that if I go back and study in my old school, they said life would be tough. When I was about to start my first FIITJEE class I changed my mind and denied my admission and had all the payment cheques returned before they were processed. and after that I resumed on my favourite life, the good and simple life. But still I am still going to weekend classes now so that pressure is still there.And now instead aiming for the best I am aiming to be my best at the present. After denying the integrated course I felt there was new meaningful life. Even though I am still preparing for JEE I give more importance to do things more unique. My uniqueness was an aspect of mine that was always appreciated.
    Now I have no worries about not getting into IIT. Because I have now realized that it’s just a chance. So now I am glad that I didn’t go hard on myself by joing in FIITJEE’s integrated course.


  6. Dont join FIITJEE. Once you join, you cant leave, otherwise you will loose your money. They never refund the fee. Full fee will be taken in advance and it will not be refunded.


  7. Once you are trapped by FIITJEE, you can not come out. If you will request for refund, you will get reply –
    Reply from FIITJEE for refund :

    Para 9: I understand that if I leave the institute before completing the full course for any reason whatsoever, including transfer of father / mother / legal guardians / ill health of myself or any other member of the family or my admission in any institute / course / engineering college etc., or my studentship is cancelled because of misconduct etc. I or my father / mother / legal guardian shall have no claim for refund of fees.

    Para 10: In addition to the above, I understand without any ambiguity that the fee once paid is not refundable at all, whatever the reasons be, nor is it adjustable towards any other existing courses at FIITJEE or any yet to be launched nor towards the fee of any other existing or prospective student.

    Para 22: I/we, the parent / guardian and / or the student, hereby severally and jointly declare unambiguously that I / we have read and understood all the clauses contained in the Declaration and agree to abide by them without any reservation or ambiguity.

    Para 23: I/we further declare that the above named student is taking admission in the FIITJEE having considered everything material, on his / her own sweet will after giving due consideration to rigors of time, distance and studies ahead and with the permission of the father / mother / legal guardian without any coercion from any side. Further I / We understand that the students is required to work hard to attain the average standard of the batch allotted in order to cope up with studies and put in extra efforts if lagging behind in any subject / topic.

    Para 26: I promise to abide by all rules and regulations of FIITJEE declaration, in letter and spirit.

    Alok Saxena
    For more details you can contact to me at 09867802157 .


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  9. Don’t join FIITJEE. If student is not comfortable with FIITJEE and want to leave FIITJEE, you will lose your money, no refund will be given by FIITJEE. So many victims are in contact with me. I am also a victim of FIITJEE. If you want to talk to me you can call me on 09930033789. You can contact also on whatsapp on this no.
    Alok Saxena


  10. Seems interesting! I appeared for the test but I might not seek an admission to this institute!
    A yet another critic post I found helpful!


  11. Study from textbook provided by board. Dont rely on material given by classes because in most cases it is totally waste. Its your self study that matters. Understand concepts well. anyway I don’t give a damn for IIT. look at kejriwal lol 🙂


  12. Sir,
    I am considering FIITJEE for my IIT coaching. Your review has really shaken me. If not FIITJEE then what. Can you suggest any good coaching institute for my coaching????. Thanks for the review. I am definitely not going to FIITJEE


      • because its ratio of students preparing for Jee and students passing Jee Advanced is greater than that of fiitjee.


      • How you can say that? Please clarify:
        1. What is this ratio?
        2. Does vidyamandir also sponsor students with over 95% marks?
        3. How else do you rate vidyamandir to be better?
        4. Are you associated with vidyamandir in any way?


      • 1. This ratio is the no. of students enrolledd and no. of students clearing jee advance. 2. I don’t know about this but they conduct a national level test. 3. As provided in 1. 4.NO


      • Perhaps I was not clear. If you read the entire article, you will find that manipulation of data is the point. The profile of candidates who allegedly succeed is kept secret. Were they paid students or above 95% subsidized or above 98% free students?

        Liked by 2 people

      • The problem with the way that you are telling is that there are very few teachers who do this type of teaching. Moreover it is true that the study material of these coaching institutes is pretty good. For instance FIITJEE offers an all India test series for rank improvement.


      • They don’t tell what will be asked in the exam but their program is based on the guidelines of JEE Advanced. So their study material is quite similar to what is actually asked in the paper. But of course it requires a lot of hardwork.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The study material for IIT JEE is not available on the Internet. Even if it is then the quality ans the authenticity ot remains uncertain. For preparation it is all about study material and not anything else. P.S. the faculty should also be good.


  13. My daughter has completed her Xth and I have visited almost all the colleges like narayana , chaitanya, Fiitjee et., not able to understand where should i send her.. Fiitjee fee is 4 lacs…really getting lost…thinking is it worth paying so much…thanks sandeep for the feedback given.i m giving a second thought now


  14. sir i totally agree with you.i recently visited fiitjee south delhi centre which is the main branch for admission.i saw that the centre was full of trash and pan spits.the classrooms were smaller than a bedroom.they gave me 50% scholarship after my marks in their stupid test.i am in 10 th and they asked questions of 12th.4 questions were of iit 2010 paper.they are making fool of students.
    fees = ₹240000 after 50 % scholarship+₹120000 for their school.
    they are pure advertisers or dacoits.
    they are greedy .they even charge ₹20000 for their foolish study material.


      • Hi, I enrolled my nephew in Fiitjee droppers batch , he got 90% scholarship and I can say scholarships are fake here in Fiitjee , just to fish out new students. Despite 90% scholarship we ended up paying 75000 rupees. My ward did not liked fiitjee and then came the horror , no refund at all. Staff is also very rude , worst part is that they do not respect each other.
        More over , Delhi students know the reality hence they join in very less numbers , its only the poor outsiders (outside Delhi candidates ) who do not have knowledge about Fiitjee get trapped.


  15. fiitjee is doing a good job. If a student want to secure hia future he should join future. Fiitjee says that you should give more time to self study rather than coaching classes to crack JEE advance. They motivate the students at every step.


  16. sir i am in class 9 and i am an average student and fiitjee and another coaching says that if you have not an inborn spark than you should join their coaching as early as possible,and my other friends who are brilliant have joined,what is your opinion and also tell me what should i do be a brilliant in studies?


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  19. I want to share my story of dreadful coaching at fiitjee due to which I dont wanna live now .I used to be a topper till class 10. I joined fiitjee in class 11 jaipur centre. Pinnacle program began. Their tests are aweful. The syllabus informed to us never came in test. The teacher who makes the paper changes the syllabus as per his will. Also complete tests are full of mistakes which even the teachers are not able to correct. Where do we analyse ourselves? The teachers at pinnacle themselves tell us not to solve package of fiitjee but to buy resonance package as fiitjee’s package is full of errors and unrelated material. They never completed the syllabus of even boards. In october 2013 (I am in 12th )the faculty changed due to bad physics teacher. But those who came were worse. They cant even control the class. And director ashish arora promised to teach us but he never kept it . Most of his physics class were cancelled. Now full optics,modern physics is left till now. I have my boards from march. What do I do? And not to forget, in december the whole fiitjee dissolved as the director and his fellow colleagues joined allen jaipur. Now we are nowhere. Fiitjee sucks.. Ashish arora has ruined our life sir.. I have become a failure from a topper. My parents are so helpful. But my soul is not letting me live this world. My life is spoiled. I dreamt of iit since 6th class. Now I may fail in boards.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Life is all about experiencing. You have just begun. If you do not do well you can certainly try next year. Have no anxiety. Time is another fiction created by human mind. Just focus on study and forget the past. Let your parents do the thinking if they want to sue fitjee. All the best.


    • Being HOD chemistry I can suggest you to learn Physics and all other subjects from NCERT. Please don’t neglect NCERT text book if you are in cbse curriculum. After completion and revision of NCERT try to solve Together Qusetion Bank.If your basic knowledge is clear, you can automatically deal with FIITJEE syllabus. Don’t loose HOPE. Do well in Board first You will get so many options if you get a good result in board. Best of luck.


  20. Sir, it’s nt comment but a query. I am a parent of 10th std son. Till last October 2013, we allowed him to follow his passion in sports. Now he says he would like to crack IIT. He has secured more than 85 percent till date in his exams. He is fond of maths n science. After his SSLC exams I need to put him to some Integrated PU college. Reading ur article felt helpless since Fiitjee was my first choice. Is it possible for u to guide me about better institutions so that I can help my son to achieve his goal.

    disappointed about FIitjee because that was my first choice. Feelng helpless.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Madam, thanks for sharing your dilemma. Personally I do not know any alternative coaching arrangements. I would suggest that a good student doesn’t need coaching but guidance about curriculum and discipline to study. All the best.


  21. My son is also studying in one of the coaching center. Teachers are really good and certainly better than schools. but level of study of subjects and problem solving is expected and keeping everything in mind is really a huge task. all time goes in preparation or studying. Whatever coaching institutes claim but fact is they can’t clear your doubts with their limited number of teachers. If you are not able to understand the topic when they are teaching then things becomes very difficult for children because such kind of things keep on pilling up and children start feeling lost in class. Lot of support these students need from their parents…lot of communication is needed and most of the time it should not be pushing in nature to push them to study. but to understand true state of mind of the children and provide comfort as much as possible and keep an eye to reduce pressure if needed and explain that IIT or NIT is not everything do only what you can do. Studies help but do only what you can do. and must communicate that we are not expecting selection and high rang out of it. We are just providing additional source which might help in getting in best or good institute for further studies. everyone doesn’t get gold medal in Olympic but there is no issues in trying to get it if you really have desire otherwise you will get recognition in other level of games national , state …
    there are other fields as well to study which can help them to build their career, yes this process can help them to realize their capabilities and change their focus on something else in case they themselves want to but yes we need to encourage them to take right and well informed decisions about their life.
    Parent feels that we are left with no choice. If you are not sending them for coaching then you have not helped them in achieving their goals. If you do then there is other side that we are pushing of children in very hard situation and killing their childhood.

    not sure what is correct….but yes we must know what students feel as they doesn’t share everything with their parents as they think this will make their parents feel bad.


  22. Evey school promises so many things. Now it is difficult to make out the good ones.And when it comes to your own it is a totally different mindboggling matter again.Marketing is a totally different area and Fitjee group are doing very well.I am getting my son in pinnacle prog 2 yr for 2016 jee advance.


  23. sir i want to join fiitjee i am student of class 10 (going to class 11). Is better for me? and i also want to know which course is good?


  24. I think you are jealous of fiitjee.
    Its the best institute. Every year top rankers of iit are mainly from fiitjee.
    And you say students are destroying their childhood but ask those top rankers or the students which want to become something and secure their future, they will only answer- fiitjee’s doing great by training students from earlier classes. those student who do not want to do anything in life except having fun on their parents money only make those excuses that we are not enjoying our childhood.
    so its only absurd reasons which you are giving to corrupt healthy minds.
    you should be banned from writing these disgusting blogs.


    • If you do not dispute facts, the conclusions drawn are inevitable. If you dispute facts, you should have mentioned those facts. Your personal preferences do not matter. Hope that you may learn about something called ‘freedom of speech’, without which you would not have commented here at all. Apparently you are also sponsored by FIITJEE. I had asked a direct question from them, about so called top ranker, which is listed above but no answer as yet. Do you have an answer to that question?

      Liked by 1 person

    • This is a lie. Your marks depend on your self study only. Study from the textbook provided by the boards. Don’t ignore the textbook. Anyway I cant whats the big deal with IIT. Look at kejriwal lol


      • do you really have such a limited knowledge of english language for real so as NOT to understand what dinesh ji meant by his statement(though i do understand that he may be a little short handed in the said language)? also,be learned yourself before posting derogatory comments against a person or an institute mr bhalla. go through iit website and see for yourself what they have to say about coaching. they clearly state that a child w/o coaching has about 3% chance of qualifying in the JEE which increases to about 12% (FOUR times) WITH coaching. makes sense to you???
        its rather obvious that you did not manage to secure admission of your child in fiitjee ,most probably after repeated attempts and hence the outburst. why dont you try getting a life instead ???


      • Orion is an interesting pseudonym. Who are you? Sponsor of this billion rupee scan. Quoting some obscure statistics to justify manipulation of gullible but ambitious parents? Before dignifying your motivated comment by reply I would like to know you identity.


  25. As per my Friend Umesh, for IIT JEE preparation the best thing parents can do is to motivate the student. The student should go through the NCERT Books thoroughly along with some good reference books for practice. With sincere study and effort one can clear the JEE. No need to go for dream showing coaching institutes.


  26. It is obvious that coaching centres like FIITJEE cannot guarantee success to a student. It can only show the way and guide. Good students can benefit immensely by FIITJEE’s guidance but average students cannot. So FIITJEE should not be blamed. They are doing business alright. But parents should decide whether their children are prospective or not and then only they should admit their children.


    • That is an interesting question Kunal, Why you want me to answer it. Since you are there, experience it and share with us here. What I have stated is an outsiders perspective with inputs from people like you and the stony silence of Fiitjee. Be observant and decide. Thanks for stopping by and all the best.


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  28. They are not selling education. They are selling dreams. Toppers are free. They top the exams. Others pay. It is simple.
    Interesting part is their advertisements are sponsoring this page! I love this part of capitalism.


  29. FIITJEE and other coaching institutes are modern Dronacharya Gurukuls who sell education to children of rich families. Despite this sale of education poor Eklavyas clear and crack IIT and Pre-Medical entrance tests without any coaching.

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