Selecting a Career or Profession

She seemed to be bright girl with flair for communication. She knew all about movies, actors & actresses. In fact this knowledge was her complete General Knowledge. She got good grades in English language. All other subjects were passed with mediocre grades. She wanted to select law as career. It was suggested to her that Mass Media would be a good choice especially when she had no interest in any social science. (As reflected from her grades) She rejected the idea. According to her twisted logic “hobby can not be the profession.”. Inquisitiveness into the basis or reasoning for this policy yielded no result.
That was four years ago. It appears she did get the admission into law through Entrance Exam on a second try after one year. Now as a student of law with halfway already completed, I asked her about ‘Due Process of law’ and she was blank. It was not yet taught in the College. She knew about Guantanamo Bay detention but had no idea about legal questions involved. This prompted me to write the previous post.
How we make our life a hell by choosing our daily torture. A person who has no interest in the affairs of State or functioning of Government, about rights of people or their living conditions, he/she should have no business with law. One should take up job not for its perks or glory but only if it is consistent with the habits and taste or focus of interest. Otherwise it is an everyday humiliation due to the lag factor besides being a dis-service to society through sub-standard professional services. Of course one can develop and change focus of interest but not everyone.
Legal profession is all about taking responsibility of others affairs. People come to lawyers to find solution to the problems which they could not solve or worse but far more frequent is the problems they could not understand.
Fairness of legal procedure is the essence of term ‘Due Process’ and it includes right of counsel but this is not accomplished until the counsel is competent as well.
Work is most suited when doing it does not seem to be burdening one self. If writing does not flow naturally, there is no question of blogging. (Face book would do better with one liners)
But professions are chosen neither to suit personality nor to serve society but to attain personal glory through a supposedly short cut and life becomes a never ending chase.

(c) Sandeep Bhalla
Typing errors in this post may be attributed to BlackBerry’s spellcheck.

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