Does disobediance runs in family?

It appears everything is a habit. To say yes or no to everything is a habit. Some people will say yes to everything and shall blissfully forget everything once they leave us. Similarly some people will say NO even if they are offered a pot of Gold. Although the latter will accept the offer later on with some excuse.
Let me make myself clear:
The point is about behaviour on the face of stimuli. Both group will eventually do what they may do but here question is about first response.
There are Yes-persons and No-persons.
What factors decide this behaviour? Even after observing this phenomenon for some time it is difficult to pin point.
Severe differences between parents seems to be irrelevant because in that case either relationship is terminated or one spouse submit to other. However Dominating Parenting has a role in both type of personalities.
Yes-person is submissive response of a child while No-person is rebellious (and very often male response) of a child to parental dictatorship.
Certainly there can be more issues. But parenting is not counselling. Sometime putting a foot down is necessary even if it appears dominating.
Parenting is a thankless job which does not go unpunished.

Just another lazy thought on lazy Sunday.

(c) Sandeep Bhalla
Typing errors in this post may be attributed to BlackBerry’s spellcheck.

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