Habits, Divergence & Obsession

A person is nothing but bundle of habits:

Change the habits and we have a new avatar/person. We always miss yesterday. More so what we did or happened yesterday. Unless it was painful, we want to repeat it again, today and now.
Apart from that we are constrained to follow a routine of livelihood or obligations or commitments or aspirations for future. We have to do it. Actually no choice.
Keeping this routine and craving to repeat the pleasurable experience, we create habits which defines us. Living in habits doing same thing over and over, again, the monotony attached to it, brings out this feeling called boredom which is also called emptiness.
Here starts the search for divergence. To do something different. To experience something different. To eat or drink something different. Now different is experienced. It could be cards, alcohol, smoke, sex or anything. Need to repeat it, occurs next day and soon it is part of habit. Continued habit is eventually the character.
The worst happens when the divergence or the different experience becomes the obsession. Be it drinking, drugs, gamble or whatever, the life and living is reduced to an interruption in-between. Only a deep understanding, patience of family and higher IQ can help. Of course God is always there.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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