Living with one hand

Stupid actions bring strange results.


In one such act, my left hand is rendered offline and may stay that way for few weeks. Some chipping fractures has been discovered on wrist bone (called radius and ulna).
The life has suddenly changed. I am a physically challenged person, being showered with compassion and sympathy, in this otherwise insensitive world. No wonder so many people fall ill so frequently. Unfortunately the staff at radiologists (Doda Imaging at Pusa Road, New Delhi) was completely insensitive. The receptionist was handed with 500 rupee bill as against her demand for 600. She was to be reminded that this person had one hand and if she could hold 500 bill, the hand can fetch more from pocket. Similarly the technician handling x-ray could not notice that the swollen hand would also be in pain. So much for the professionalism.
Everyday tasks which were heretofore, performed unnoticed, will have to be re-discovered.
The first task was to apply toothpaste to the brush. Brush had to be laid on a table to apply paste. Suddenly bathroom design looked faulty. It was realised that bathroom indeed was designed for people with two hands. So were many other things, like trouser.
Holding a large vessel without a handle is impossible. Un-screwing bottle needs more than mere effort. Using BlackBerry is more convenient than Tab. Tying anything from laces to sling is arduous.
We are automatons is beyond dispute but our limbs also have automatic habits. Ever now and then, the injured hand turns up a wave of pain. The problem with it is that, it is still not offline but merely disabled. Focus has to be shifted towards the injured arm to relax it. Injured had still works in sync with body and it is straining in the cast to reach out to help. That is how it got injured in the first place but no lessons learned.
Over all how stereo type is our reality. Small change in anatomy of body and whole world around us, changes?

Photograph of right posterior human distal rad...

Photograph of right posterior human distal radius and ulna. Keywords: Human bones, bones, wrist, radius, ulna. Category:Bones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

P.S.: (added on 9th Aug. 2012) Though the plaster was removed about four weeks ago, the swelling and pin subsisted. Now it is about 75% normal. Very little pain but stiffness in wrist and fingers, continues. Twice daily message is the physiotherepy being applied.
© Sandeep Bhalla

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