Solution for terrorism

Blood on streets and dozing Regents
Terrorism has become a threat to the human civilization. Explosions and bombs are now synonyms of terrorism. Public places of hanging out are now terror hot spots. Nobody can vouch for safety, at any place.
Nobody can be trusted and no one is being trusted. Every mode of communication is under monitoring for key words if nor entirely under wire-tapping or live surveillance.
But this does not seem enough. As delay in catching Osama and inability of Indian Government to deal with Naxal problem shows, communication silence can out pace the counter-measures.
So what should be done?
May be it is time to look into the most important aspect i.e. Explosives. It appears that the explosives used by terrorists are manufactured for industrial or other purposes by commercial industries which are not owned by terrorists. Why not make it mandatory for each industry to manufacture traceable explosive.
For example the Liquefied Petroleum Gas supplied for domestic kitchen has no smell but before supply, a nasty smell is added to it, so that it’s leakage, is immediately detected. Some similar measure must be taken either make its possession easily detectable or if possible something which may lead to trace the trail back to manufacturer of explosives.

But wait a minute, am I a genius whom this brilliant idea struck? I do not think so. Idea is already there but vested interest in the Government do not want for it also make state sponsored terrorism. Remember that wiki leak about export of terrorism! No, check here.

So unless good guys stop acting like bad boys, the bad boys will not be caught.


(c) Sandeep Bhalla

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