Road rage, violence, stress and Namastey

Lawyers Strikes in Delhi on 18th May 2012.

Law and order is a problem. Traffic is a problem. Job is a problem. Wife and children are a problem. Parents are a problem. Life is a problem. So what I am going to do. I am going out in traffic and shall make a point to resolve my problem by beating up the first person I find in an error with driving or parking. Though, I do not do it, it is what is happening on the roads.

The three judges and the driver of the car were attacked on Thursday evening, in the second incidence of road rage in the capital in which judges were at the receiving end. One of the judges, Ajay Garg suffered head injuries while two of his colleagues, additional sessions judges Inderjit Singh and M K Nagpal, escaped unhurt in the incident.Garg and the other two judges were in a car and headed to Ambedkar Nagar when the incident took place. The driver of car was also injured in the incident. When they reached Dakshinpuri, a motorcycle hit their vehicle, following which the bikers accosted the judges and beat up Garg and the driver. The attackers also allegedly hit Garg’s head with stones. Garg and the driver, who were injured in the incident, were rushed to AIIMS Trauma Centre. The attackers fled the scene leaving the motorcycle at the spot.

This is the second incident within a week. Earlier:

On May 14, Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of Saket court Sanjay Sharma was attacked allegedly by an SUV driver after the former had stopped his car on one side of the Bus Rapid corridor, allegedly obstructing the vehicle’s way. (Source:

We do not know whether these attacks were pre-meditated or not. We have been made to believe that these are part of sporadic road rage incidents. Which may be reasonable. In protest, the lawyers all over Delhi were on strike on May 18, 2012.

There is another perspective of the matter. Road rage incidents are on the rise. Traffic is uncontrollable. What is the solution? Why every person on road is so irritated. Is this undue emphasis on achieving, taking its toll? I think no energy shall be applied to finding the solution. These Magistrates and Sub-ordinate Judiciary shall demand red lights on their cars and they shall be granted. No one fights with the driver of a car with beacon on its top.

BTW I was anxious, as to what is happening across the Globe where a sitting supreme court judge had to face burglary for a second time. (Source:

For me I use only one thing. Folded hands at the forehead. Hand folding is a traditional Indian gesture for greeting Namaste. Now if I face an aggressive driver, I simply fold hands and get out of way. See the picture. This is the greeting posture. Now if you raise the folded hands to forehead, it is a gesture of submission. It always works. Remember anger is blind and domination is its goal. To argue with an angry person is an imbecile action.

© Sandeep Bhalla


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