Parenting and age of parents

Happy Children Playing Kids

Happy Children Playing Kids (Photo credit:

Parenting is no popularity contest. It is a serious business.

Parenting the children is the most difficult task in the world. There are no schools and no practical training. With nuclear families exposure to parenting is even more less. are parents of this generation better than previous? Or they are worse? Or there is not difference at all. The technology and psychology changes every 30-40 years. The parents in 1940’s were facing the sever crunch of resources and were pressing too hard to their children to conserve the resources and rebellion among them took them to hippies or what ever way of life in which their may be no duties. What is the state today. And when I ask only about those privileged minority who are not below poverty line or facing malnutrition or starvation like 70% of the population of the world. I ask who can afford to give attention to these matters. These affluent people, unlike previous generation are having abundance of resources and they are showering it on children. I am also part of it. But is it not child like reaction from the previous conservative generation whom every body used to call misers? It is not a conscious decision. ‘What I could not get in childhood, I will give to my children’ is a response from the past. It is like parents are facing some type of popularity contest. This is no real parenting. It is manipulation. Take money give affection. Income or affluence must not have any impact on parenting.

May be age of parents is an issue. People who start their life and spend huge time in building up careers; by the time they attain affluence. Therefore time to enjoy wealth coincide  with time of responsible parenting. It is a grave conflict of interest.It is unfortunate that it is ignored. After all children are the seeds of human race. With scruples and morality falling from grace and BAD being the last fashion and DIRTY being the present fashion. May be parents should grow up themselves before bringing up children.

Just another lazy thought on lazy Sunday.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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