Accessing cloud from Desktop

A benefit of Linux is that if it has a solution to a problem, it will be the best. In this time of cloud computing, every one has a’s 50 GB lifetime free storage. (if you don’t, rush and get it) In Ubuntu this storage can be accessed directly from the nautilus (i.e. file browser). All you have to do is: Run Nautilus; Access file menu by clicking ‘File –> Connect to Server..’
And fill the fields as under:

Server:     Port: 443

Type:   Secure WebDAV (HTTPS)

Folder:   /

User name:   (

Password: PASSWORD

click on (remember this password)

Now click on Connect. This will mount the folder as a network folder to your system accessible like other folders. Please note that copying and pasting through this connection is faster than uploading through browser.

For Window users there is an app available from called GPDesktopBackup (by Golden Prize), which can back-up folders but again it is not same as having a network drive.

There is another way to mount permanently as a network drive but presently that is not working. I shall paste those instructions the moment I am successful.

P.S.: MediaFire is also giving unlimited cloud space but the upload speed is horrible.

Please share your views.

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