This Photo is the front view of Cellular Jail,...

This Photo is the front view of Cellular Jail, located at Port Blair, Andaman Nicobar Islands, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Common Service Center

established in Port Blair, under the initiative of the Union Government‘s National e-Governance Plan NeGP being implemented through the Department of Information Technology, these are providing 40 various services like electricity bill payment; issuance of various certificates like birth and death; registration of various services like fishing boats; permit for fertilizers – to residents all from one location. (Source:

At last something can be boasted by Ministry of Information Technology of India,(MITI) as achievement. It was only making announcements about launch of cheap tabs for students for the last about eighth years, while the China has flooded the market with cheap tabs.
Added on 7 September 2012:
Now Indian Companies have launched the tabs cheaper than announced by MITI. Complete pause in civilisation.

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