Insider trading

Politicians are all the same everywhere.

Should I take satisfaction in the fact that the people in power, in virtually every country, are corrupt. Therefore living in scam capital of India is a non-event. Immortality is the biggest insecurity. Life is nothing but terminal illness. This is a fact. We accumulate money to dominate others and after that we accumulate money to because the domination gives us feeling of security. Greed is endless. After all, greed has nothing to do with need. We are still studying why Roman Empire fell. It is hilarious. We are living in another Rome. See around. The high moral ideas of Renaissance Era, the concept of egalitarian society,  the concept of liberal world; I do not see anything like that. Do you? We are all in a race to accumulate wealth, Even if we lose our health in the process, we do not care.

Congress Gets Rich By Different Rules?

A whistle-blower rocked Washington with allegations of insider trading, self-dealing and conflicts of interest that are illegal in the private sector but legal for members of Congress. These Congressmen who had knowledge about proposed changes in Government Policies bought and sold shares of the industry specific companies to make profits.

via Congress Gets Rich By Different Rules? Throw Them All Out! | Rock Cellar Magazine.

MPs’ Expenses: The Telegraph’s investigation,

The Expenses Files, into how politicians – from the Cabinet to backbenchers of all parties – exploited the system of parliamentary allowances to subsidise their lifestyles and multiple homes.

But the above allegations look rather mediocre when compared to allegations of bribing parliamentarians for saving the Government of the day. Remember Ajit Jogi or Cash for vote scam. The last one even has a wiki page in its dedication. How popular. It is sick.

A Film director is considered to be a creative person. Bollywood producer/Director Subhash Ghai should be above greed, with all the success and money he made. But No. Greed and ambition can be justified by noble motives. By the way he has been directed by the Supreme Court that to return the 21 acres allotted to his film academy, Whistling Woods, in Film City, Goregaon on the outskirts of Mumbai. The land was given to Mr Ghai in 2000 by then chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh. According to Supreme Court  “The state government has given land to its blue-eyed boy for a paltry sum of money.” The judges added about Mr Ghai, “You are a great film-maker, but there are greater film makers also. Why you have been chosen? Three Chief Ministers did nothing on the proposal of (Ghai) and kept it in cold storage… but this Chief Minister comes and the next day, the process starts.” The reference is towards Vilasrao Deshmukh, the then Chief Minister. Incidentally he represents the Lotur constituency, one the most poor and backward Constituency and is father of Film star Ritesh Deshmukh.

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