Fundamental Right of foolishness

The Fools

Spring 2012

Springs © Sandeep Bhalla

are simpleton creatures who spend their life under assumption that they are intelligent. They are always stubborn and very often arrogant. They are capable of hard work but are easily distracted with any new thing. These creatures do all the hard work and with very limited manipulative skill they could hardly ever rise to the political offices. But now things are changing. People are more appreciative and some them have made it to offices of Judges and recently to the office of Head of the State and even United Nation. But the problem is that at such places they are manipulated by others like their wives, advisors or parents (last if still around). Their natural talent is thus abused. The best thing about them is that they are repetitive. They keep on doing the same thing and even though complain boredom, they never change their pattern of functioning. It becomes very easy to take work from such people. Once their programming is properly understood and their obedience achieved, intelligent people love to have them around. Being not manipulative they cannot plan any adventure but their life is an adventure of repetitive errors and a tale of great survivorship.

English language is a language of adjectives, labels, names, pronouns and what not. If we take the word fool, it categorize them as idiot, imbecile, moron and fool. With idiot bordering on extreme foolishness and fool being the most intelligent among them. Here I am talking about these intelligent beings.

On this day of pranks we must do a serious work of seeking to establish a new Fundamental Right by writing it down here and now.

A fool when born, the parents become unnecessarily anxious. They take him to best possible schools/coaching to get best possible degrees, to make them a professional or a bureaucrat or even a politician. All by training or coaching. After all intelligent people like Milton, Einstein, Edison etc. needed no coaching. They were brilliant or rather genius. Now if Foolishness is declared to be a fundamental right, the whole society can be saved from the atrocities of fools who have infiltrated into every office by cramming the books written by intelligent people. The stronger argument

is about the people who do not, after all the efforts pass in exams due to their inability to cram all irrelevant historical facts about various branches of study. They fall sick and some of them also commit suicide. Now if only we recognize their right of co-existence and give them their rightful place, a vast humanity can be saved from all kinds of problems.

Therefore this issue must be taken up at every forum from United Nation to Parliament of every  Country that we must refrain from converting/covering our foolish descendants and encourage them in their natural aptitude without any fear or guilt. Let their be a new word order of peaceful co-existence with fools.

© Sandeep Bhalla.

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3 thoughts on “Fundamental Right of foolishness

  1. I think there are some common qualities to me. I am manipulative and get easily motivated. I know to do hard work but am easily distracted. I enjoy studying. I am bored of my repetitive mistakes and flaws in my lifestyle ie procrastination. I am obedient. I dont wanna be so. PS I am a school student


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