Poor Indians

Billionaire Club in 2011

Forbes said this year’s 1,226 billionaires are a record high, up one per cent from last year’s total. The numbers are up significantly from the 140 billionaires who had made the cut when the list was first released 25 years ago. Between them, this year’s billionaires are worth a record $4.6 trillion and have an average net worth of $3.7 billion.
Slim Carlos tops the list with $69 billion. Would he be a Trillionaire soon?
The list has 48 billionaires from India as well as nine of Indian-origin living in countries like Indonesia, Ireland, Thailand, UK and the US, taking the total number of billionaires hailing from India to 57. India’s 48 billionaires have a total networth of $194.6 billion.

Full list can be seen here.

Too many Billionaires. Soon it will lose its novelty. So now the stupid accumulators would be running for Trillionaire Club. So far there is no Trillionaire in the world.

According to this list Angela Merkel the German Chancellor is the most powerful women in the world followed by Hillary Clinton. Our local Queen of Congress Party ranks 7th most powerful woman. It also lists salesforce dot com as the most innovative company in the world. Indian BHEL is at fift position in this list of innovation.

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