Charles Dickens – The practical satirist.

“To celebrate 200 years since the birth of Charles Dickens, the Royal Mint have launched a new £2 coin.”

This 7 February, 2012 it was 200 years of Dickens. This article is a tribute to the greatest novelist of any century Charles John Huffam Dickens. In the 19th century the novel assumed a new phase and acquired a new popularity. The growth of the periodicals and the rise of the middle class accounted for the phenomenal development of the novel during the Victorian age. The novel came to be looked upon as an art of entertainment for the middle class reading publics who are attracted to read novels for amusement.

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In another adventure his character Mr Pickwick’s attempts to defend a lawsuit brought by his landlady, Mrs Bardell, who (through an apparent misunderstanding on her part) is suing him for the breach of promise to marry her. Another is Mr Pickwick’s incarceration at Fleet prison for his stubborn refusal to pay the compensation to her because he doesn’t want to give a penny to Mrs Bardell’s lawyers, the unscrupulous firm of Dodson and Fogg. The general humorous tone is here briefly replaced by biting social satire (including against the legal establishment especially in respect of rules of evidence which prevailed at that time.) On 7 Feb. this year I happened to be at a place which strongly reminded me of this novel which was worth a precise from Lord Denning himself. However Kangaroo Courts and its law surface every where.  See>

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