Population Explosion

A few weeks back it was being debated on news channel ‘is population a ticking bomb?’
I think the title is hilarious. The bomb has already exploded. We are facing the after effects. I will give examples:

Judiciary: The docket of judiciary is full. Expediency or urgency of disposal has taken precedence over justice. While old cases still drag on there is strong discouragement to new cases. Prisons are packed several time over its capacity. So much for human rights.

Civic Amenities: Electricity, the very basic need is not supplied for more than 12 hours a day in nearly half the country. Conditions of supply of water or maintenance of Roads is a poor joke. Sewers are choked and overflowing.

Governance: The constituency of each elected representative is so large that half the voters do not even see him. He known by his posters not personally. Yet he is elected and represent the people who do not know him and whom he has never met.

Education: The long Que before schools imparting education speaks for itself. The education which guaranteed under the constitution to be free is sold with price tags on every door step. A brochure cum admission form is sold for Rs.500/- ($10/-) each raking in nearly Rs.15,000,000,000/- from admission fee in Delhi alone what to speak of rest of the country.

Employment: With farmers committing suicide due to bad crops and debts, the Government is forced to introduce a Rural Employment Guarantee scheme to provide the employment to rural poor. This itself is reflection of the job availability.

Law & Order:Apart from the problem of terrorism where terrorists are mixed up with large population a large portion of the country is under Naxal/Mafia Groups where Government has no control. A State like Chattisgarh has all its districts under Naxal Control except Raipur and Bilaspur. Businessmen tie up with Naxals to run their businesses safely in such areas.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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