Hard disk

Western Digital

While the prices of hard disks have gone up by nearly 100% i.e. double in past six months the quality has nose-dived. I have already replaced three of Western Digital make within a period of a year.


An external Hard disk (model X-320) of Hitachi also broke down in about a year and I had to send for its replacement but the worst part is that the replacement sent to me was also broken and I had to send it again on the same day in same packing for replacement. Never buy a HITACHI disk. Today I received the replacement. It did not work on desktop but worked on Laptop. Let’s hope it will work.

Added on 17 Nov. 2012:

Never buy Western Digital

Its Hard disk are of very poor quality. I had purchased three hard disks in past few years, two have been replaced once. One hard disk was replaced about four-month ago was again having reading errors. It has to be replaced again. I wonder what is the problem. I had always believed that Western Digital being technically innovative must also be durable, proved to be a myth. Never ever buy a Western Digital Disk.

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