How to mount UDF ISO 13346 images in Ubuntu

Universal Disk Format (UDF)

The UDF Universal Disk Format is a format specification of a file system for storing files on optical media, usually DVD’s. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are two examples of DVD containing this file system. By default when we mount an ISO image with the UDF ISO 13346 file system with the Archive mounter by double clicking the ISO file we will see no archives in the mounted folder. This is what we have to do to mount it properly:

First let’s create a new directory in the /media folder:

mkdir /media/dir_name

Now mount the UDF iso:

sudo mount -t udf, iso13346 -o loop “imagen.iso” /media/dir_name

(Replace “dir_name” and “imagen.iso” with directory name and file name and remove quotes.)

(Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04 LTS onwards recognises this format and automatically reads the UDF DVD without any problem.)

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