Black cat or kettle

Cat calling kettle black

Kiran Bedi was accused of corrupt practices by charging her sponsors for executive class fare but actually traveling in economy class.

Her defence is:

“Trustees have instructed the travel agent to return the balance amounts forthwith. They have already passed a resolution directing me to travel strictly as per invite. This leaves no room for discretion,”

“the travel agent Anil Bal, who is also a trustee of the Foundation, was handling the travel account and has been asked to return the money.”

Allegations were leveled against Bedi that she overcharged hosts by inflating her travel bills and that she availed discounts on air tickets using her gallantry medal. She defended herself saying she did not personally benefit and that the money thus saved went to the Foundation. (See: Bedi to return money charged from sponsors, detractors unmoved).

We have heard the story of cat calling kettle black. But what to do if everybody is black? Honesty is about having opportunity to be dishonest and yet remaining honest. It is certainly not honesty, to restore the booty, when caught.

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