High hormone levels drove cavemen to promiscuity


High hormone levels drove primitive men to promiscuity and combativeness.

Our ancient ancestors had far higher levels of the male sex hormone testosterone than people living today, a study of fossils has suggested. The study was carried out by British and Canadian scientists who worked out the testosterone levels of extinct apes by looking at the length of fossilised finger bones, according to the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.Emma Nelson, of Liverpool University, Britain, said: It is believed that prenatal androgens male sex hormones affect the genes responsible for the development of fingers, toes and the reproductive system.Past studies have shown that exposure to testosterone in the womb can make humans and apes more aggressive and more promiscuous, reports the Daily Mail. (Source: High hormone levels drove cavemen to promiscuity.)

I hope that testosterone levels are not increased by merely living in caves. If it does what will happen to these students who are always struck in their rooms? Windows and door closed and air-conditioning on for all times. I wonder.


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