Glorified Bus Stand

Chaos at Terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi

Already struggling with staff crunch, the national carrier Air India is now bearing the brunt of the chaos after the shifting of domestic flights to the new Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport. After the decision to shift a part of the domestic operations to T3 was postponed last month, the Ministry of Civil Aviation had asked Air India to shift at least nine of its domestic flights to the new terminal. The infrastructure at the domestic arrivals lounge, however, is not ready yet. This, along with manpower shortage, has led to either cancellation or delay of all Air India flights from Delhi. (via Chaos at T3 as AI shifts 9 domestic flights.)

The mindset remains the same. The approach is also the same. At an International Airport, the feel is that of Inter-State Bus Terminus, albeit a little more clean and air-conditioned. They always find some reason to attribute the blame. The Passengers have funny way of taking it. One passenger suggested that if you name an Airport after a person who was always in chaos or conflict with every one around him, how there can be ORDER in such place? Quite a stretched logic.

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