Superbug fallout: Antibiotics ‘on counter sale’ ceased – Health – DNA

The drug controller general of India DCGI on Friday introduced new rules to buy antibiotics. According to the revised rules, a patient will need two copies of a prescription – one which will be in the chemists custody.”Doctors prescribing powerful antibiotics for common ailments will know that they can be pulled up because a copy of the prescription will be given to the chemist who will have to keep it for a year, and will be used for audits,” IBNLive quoted Surinder Singh, Drug Controller General of India, as saying.The DCGIs decision comes in the wake of the Superbug scare – after the NDM1 New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1 was found to be resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics, and is aimed at nipping the problem of antibiotic abuse in the bud.Antibiotics are substances that kill or cease the growth of harmful-disease-causing bacteria. In the UK they are only prescribed to patients after various antibody screening tests based on the sensitivity and resistance profile, which differs for every individual.An over-or-wrong use can lead to lasting drug-resistance in patients, which would in turn, make them more susceptible to infections.

via Superbug fallout: Antibiotics ‘on counter sale’ ceased – Health – DNA.

Question is: Will it be properly enforced? And how? Given the poor law enforcement in the country.

Please share your views.

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