Eye flu cases on the rise in Delhi

It repeats in Delhi again in 2010

Delhi is witnessing a sharp surge in eye flu cases and doctors have warned that this is likely to assume epidemic proportions. The new health worry comes on the back of the spread of dengue cases in the Capital – over 900 cases have been reported so far this year.
“The number of eye flu cases has increased by almost 30 per cent over last year,” said Dr Sharad Lakhotia, president of the Ophthalmologist’s Club, New Delhi. Hospitals, dispensaries and private clinics in the Capital over the past week have seen a rise in the number of people with eye flu or conjunctivitis, which is highly contagious.
“We have up to 20 patients a day coming in with conjunctivitis,” said Dr Tarun Kapur, senior ophthalmologist at Rockland Hospital.
Dr P. K. Pandey, a professor at the Guru Nanak Eye Centre, quoted similar figures. ” More than 25 patients of eye flu come to our OPD every day,” he said.
Itching, the symptoms range from swelling around the eyes, stickiness of eyelids and even fever. The cause of this condition may be bacterial, viral, or allergic. There are no figures for the actual spread of eye flu because it is not notifiable.
Dr Kapur blamed this on incorrect treatment. Delhi has already recorded 444 mm of rains so far in August – the highest in 10 years – and medical practitioners say this can be blamed for the high incidence of eye flu and dengue.
Unfinished construction, experts said, also has a role in the breeding the microorganisms that cause these infections.
“Viruses tend to multiply faster in humid conditions. This explains the rise in cases of viral fever and dengue in the city. It is worse this year because the whole city is dug up, creating ideal breeding conditions for viruses and bacteria,” said Dr Umesh Bareja. (via India Today: Eye flu cases on the rise in Delhi.)

What about huge unfinished demolition? The digging of roads everywhere without any logic! What is the pattern? It was here in 1994. Did it rain more in that year?

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