Non-vegetarian: vegetables, pulses & cereal.

Genetic engineering: The world’s greatest scam?

It is the cross breeding of the genes of living creature and the vegetation/crop which will make vegetarian food into non-vegetarian. For example genes of rats are added to wheat so that rat will not eat it. Will it be safe? This question can not be answered by tests of few years. In the matters of genes effect will show after several generations. What about the freedom of choice? Nobody talks about that in free market. Watch this video:

Does any one remember “Mad-Cow disease

Please form an opinion and express it.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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1 thought on “Non-vegetarian: vegetables, pulses & cereal.

  1. Can You Stop The Above Shown Monster From Reaching Your Plates Coming Summer ?

    Deadly BT Brinjal Growing In Fields of CCS Haryana Agriculutural University.

    The photographs were taken on 20 November, 2008 on a rainy/cloudy day.

    You can see the MHB 80 BT Hybrid of Brinjal on the left.

    Some of the People working in the BT brinjal fields have complained of sneezing and some sensation in nose (they call it ‘gudgudi’ in hindi).

    Let Us Stop This Deadly Crop From Reaching Our Plates.

    Dr. Kaura I know very little but my common sense tell me it is like unleashing a monster. Please enlighten us.


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