How to install .rpm in Ubuntu / Debian based operating system

Installing .rpm package after converting it into .deb package.

There are times when we need to install an application that is only available in .rpm package in Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu operating system. One of the main obstacles is that Debian / Ubuntu are using .deb based packaging system which is incompatible with RPM. However we can easily convert RPM package to .deb and install it afterwards, here’s how to do it :
Install alien, it is available in Debian, Ubuntu repository:

     sudo apt-get install alien

Convert rpm package using command

sudo alien -kc some-binary-package.rpm

This will save the file as a deb package in the same directory. We can install it by double clicking it and invoking software manager or by using this command:

sudo dpkg -i some-binary-package.deb


Fixing dependencies:

If there is some dependency problem it may give error. Update the system with this command:

sudo apt-get install update
sudo apt-get install upgrade

If there is any dependency problem it may solve it. If not use following command:

sudo apt-get install -f

It should be fine. If there is any further problem, we may try “apt-get install -h” or “dpkg -h” for help.

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